Question About Pinball Machine 'Art'

By Chicopeejohn

April 26, 2021

18 days ago

I have a question about some 'glass' I came across at a Garage Sale. Is there a market for vintage Pinball Glass/Art.  I have 3 pieces with various amounts of flaking. I was thinking about preserving the paint and framing.  I thought maybe an arcade would like these as wall hangings.   Is there, in fact, an interest in things like these?  Thanks for your help and direction

Gottlieb Neptune

Williams Disco Fever

Williams Summertime

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11 days ago

I don't know how big the market is but I was just recently looking on eBay for backglass to see what was around. Quite expensive for some of them, especially in any kind of good shape. Why was I looking? Same reason you suggest, for a game room, to frame, to hang on the wall, etc. I don't know that I'm interested in the three you have but it might be worth listing them to see what you could get for them? Shipping may be a big higher as you'll need to protect the glass very very well. Good luck!

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