Short and simple

By chickenscratch

September 16, 2021

2 years ago

I've loved pinball forever, pushing 40 now; no idea the first time I played or what I played as I have Aphantasia and SDAM, meaning I can picture nothing in my head (it's just black/blank) and cannot replay memories. Thus I'm always in the moment, which is awesome for the kinetic pinball experience! Joined pinside in like 2014/15 as I was planning to buy a pin with the house we bought, but never got around to it, and could only fit one anyhow. Time passed, wives changed, went from awesome house to apartment, livable house to dream house. Now in 2021 I have room for pins! Was only going to buy one, MBr, until my designer-wife (who does not play much pinball) convinced me 4-5 side by side would asthetically look better than 1 next to a couch/TV in barcade. I agreed, though I did think through it rationally, and quickly went from 1 to 6 (7 soon with Godzilla LE) in the period of 5 months. Couldn't be happier, and never knew I needed more than 1. Will be tough to stop at 7, but at the same time, easiest thing in the world. I'm very happy with what we have, except Mando, that's a shit pin, but it'll unfortunately stay in my collection forever as it's the otherwise family favorite. Honestly, and it was the latest pin I bought, you could take all the rest and leave me with IMDN and I'd be happy as a clam. But... it's more fun to have half a dozen than one, especially with guests over. I love pinball, and I'm very thankful to have what I have in a small town of 2000 with no big city/pins within even a 90 minute drive. Thinking of opening, someday, a pin/disco joint and bringing back... no, not pins, but disco (and pins).

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