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2 years ago
Played and liked alot. Many games takes a few time to enjoy, but this on has lastability. Even if you never watch Mando, you will like to play this, warrants you to come back and play. Lots of fun raps shots, cool toys, like it better than my GNR LE and Star wars LE..
3 years ago
Played 12 games and here is my review..

Fun, thrilling, dramatic.

Yes you my say its afm, but i love attack and own one. Its a dramatic game, You hit targets and a very satafifing deep scary alert every time. Game sound effects are on point. This may be the best feature on this game. Sound is excellent and defining. Was not expecting this at all. I had no problem with demogordan. @ time 20 times, than switched to left flipper and fount its way easier. got it in 2 every time. Think with more code this will really shine.... currious what score ill have too..
5 years ago
I've played the originals. Put it on my list to own, Pre-ordered a LE, waited months. Its a great old game. Chicago Gaming did a outstanding job! My only kick is its too dam bright, kills my eyes in a dark basement.
6 years ago
Played at pinball hall of fame. Played everything , but it kept drawing me back. Made it on my list. Good fun, madness multi ball is why I love it.
9 years ago
Love this game. 6 ball multi helps a ton. The callouts are excellent and so many things to shoot at. great animation mode's real fun to play for a oldie..
9 years ago
Just got the Vault. Played both, and wow they did a great job. Factory LED's are best yet. I thought X-men had great led's but this is better. Love Iron man fast pinball play the way i like it. Want a fast game and fun here you go!
10 years ago
I picked up one never playing it. Got it to my cave. I love it. It super super fun. Few pi heads came by and said the same thing. This game is tons of fun and u want to keep on playing it. The animations and video are the best I've seen on a dmd. And this game is a 1996! This has gone up a few pegs. One of my current faves. I highly recommend u go play one. I have a feeling guy will be shockingly surprised.
11 years ago
This was my fav, untill i got my X-men LE. I can crank out Billions and play for hour. Game never gets old, fun to win, six ball mulitball is nutz
11 years ago
Also one of my 1st's, tons of fun. Another pat creations, its good fun
11 years ago
I bought this game on the Chicago theme. It was in a bare when i was a kid. It still has fun plays every time i play it. I still have not gotten board of it, its one of my oldest machines, good fun. Pats stuff is great #1 fan
11 years ago
I have not liked a game this much till my TZ arrived 5 years ago. I also just bought a AC/DC BLK LE, and I HATE IT! This is by far one of the best games i have played and want to keep playing for a long time. I played MM and did not draw me back for more. I get long plays exciting shots, IM just speechless. Plus im on 1st version of the software, and im told the next updates will make this in-creatable (i think it awesome now) This game is the top of my list!
11 years ago
I fell in love the 1st time I played it. I have ww and funhouse. I like it far more.
Game fell in my lap and I absolutely love it and keeps me coming back. More so than my new acdc I got the same week. Pat lawyler games rule!
11 years ago
Finally got my BLK/blk after forever.. Game has a awful main drain, It drops down the pipe 2/3rd of the time, i almost want to put a 2x4 under one leg to give it some more playability. Once it does get rolling, its a great game, theme is challenging, game play changes with every song. Music sounds great, and sterns lights are awesome! Its fun and makes me thursty for more, not #1 as of now, but maybe after i get a bunch plays on it i'll love it more..

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