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2 years ago
I like Gottlieb 80b’s but was reluctant to pick up Bad Girls because the horrible translite and with 80b’s, that’s the norm but this one just made me cringe. That said, I’m glad I finally picked one up. Game play is fast and definitely requires a level of skill to get anywhere. There is a lot to shoot for and the playfield is very well laid out.

The game itself screams 80’s from the artwork to the sounds. The music reminds me of classic 80’s movies like “Fletch”. If you can pick this machine up at a good price, it’s definitely a great bang for your buck game.
3 years ago
I’ve owned both the Pro and the Premium. The Premium in black and white is a gorgeous machine with smooth shots. The lower playfield adds another layer to gameplay and increases the fun factor significantly, especially during Munster Madness. Overall, not a deep rule set but in my opinion, that’s ok as it makes the machine enjoyable to the casual/average player and is always a hit with guests. There code is fine as is with v1.00 however there is plenty of potential to make it even better with additional modes and better theme integration using the plethora of clips and sounds available from the original show.
3 years ago
This is an outstanding game in every way. If you’re a Maiden fan, it’s even better. The playfield layout is new and unique with many interesting shots. The game is difficult and definitely has that “one more game” appeal. Call outs are excellent with just the right amount of taunting. The music seems to be the biggest problem for people... you either love it or hate it. For me, between the music and call outs, it’s perfect for pinball and keeps the adrenaline flowing. Multiball modes can be pure chaos but between the loops and ramps the shots are very satisfying.

I’ve played the LE and own a Pro. While the LE adds aesthetics and the Newton ball and ball locks, it’s not enough to sway me to upgrade as the gameplay, in my opinion, is no different.

All-in-all, a rock solid game with phenomenal artwork and flow!
3 years ago
This game is a lot of fun. Sure, it’s a recycled layout but one that works and many enjoy. The theme integration is great and so is the artwork. The lighting on the Pro could be a little better. The middle of the playfield is a little too dark but nothing a couple of spotlights on the slings can’t resolve.

Gameplay is fast and smooth. The shots aren’t brutal but the game allows for good ball control to line up your next shot. Code is still evolving and while the rules are a little shallow for now, I’m sure they’ll improve with time.

This game is a perfect family theme. It’s fun and the dialog/call outs are downright silly which is exactly what the Munsters was. I completely forgot about Paul Lynde being on the show and adding his voice to the theme adds a lot to the game. Is it the next Iron Maiden, not by a long shot but I didn’t expect it to be. Is it fun with a great use of the license, in my opinion, yes! Time will tell as to how long it’ll last in my small collection but for now, it’s not going anywhere. Give it chance and you may be surprised.
3 years ago
I think this is a fun and underrated machine. You must play this game with the banana clippers as it’s an interesting twist to playing pinball. The flippers can put a wicked spin on the ball allowing you to clear all the drops at once. Bullseye shot is really tough to hit, likely because of the banana flippers.

Won’t last in a small collection but definitely worth playing. It can be acquired on the cheap so I wouldn’t hesistate to grab one at the right price.
4 years ago
There’s a lot of hate for this and other Gottlieb’s of it’s time and in some aspects, such as artwork, specifically the translites, it may be warranted. This game however, deserves some love. It’s not an easy game and spelling out the body parts to reveal the robot is very rewarding. The early use of ramps was done pretty well for it’s time aside from the poor quality of materials that were used and of course the terrible engineering of placement... if you plan to buy this game, don’t lift the playfield straight up or you’ll break the ramps... and by the way, replacement originals are unobtaininum. The good news is there are repros available.

My machine is fully restored and in mint condition. The game plays very fast and is very engaging yet unforgiving with sdtm drains that occur frequently if you’re not careful with your shots. To add to the fun factor, you can modify the sound to isolate the tune that is played during the robot reveal which adds to the experience. Overall the game is pure fun and should be given more of a chance and is definitely worth owning for the fun vs price factor... for me, it has the “one more game” appeal.
4 years ago
Loved this game in 1990 when I played it at my local establishment and is still very fun to play. The game has great flow and is definitely fast once you get something going but overall it’s a relatively shallow rule set. The repetitive music gets to be a bit grating and definitely gets stuck in your head, which I suppose is part of the appeal for some.

It’s not hard to find one of these machines but one in good condition without Mylar lifting and magnet wear can be tough. I’m not sure about other parts in the game however the ball lock 2 switch is non-existent anymore so in order to replace it, which I needed to do on mine, you have to buy the ball lock 1 switch and modify the contacts to fit on the board and bend with wire form accordingly. I suppose as time progresses, this will be the norm for finding parts.

The price is right for the fun factor so despite some of the negatives mentioned by others, I think it’s still worth owning.
4 years ago
What a great game this is... I stumbled upon it and took a chance when I bought it and I’m glad I did. As others have said, it has great flow and is really underrated. Still learning the rules and have yet to get three ball multi-ball but I’ll keep at it. It’s a definite sleeper title that should be considered for anyone’s collection.
4 years ago
I agree with the previous reviewer. People write the game off just because of the bad backglass. It can be picked up cheap and plays pretty well. Ramp shot is tough, you have to be spot on with the right amount of speed or you won’t make it. It’s not an easy game for points and like others have said, I find myself rarely breaking 1M.

Definitely do the ground mods or you will eventually have issues with this and all other 80b’s.

Raven is a classic 80’s Gottlieb in the series of horrible photographic backglasses but don’t let that steer you away, this and other Gottliebs from the same period are surprisingly fun and very inexpensive.
4 years ago
Stargate is a game I played in the 90’s and enjoyed it. When the opportunity presented itself for me to own it, I jumped. After owning it for quite a while I found it to be very challenging. Never running out of things to do and just overall fun. As everyone else says, the call outs can be repetitive but that’s just part of this game. The machine is built like a tank and can be rock solid if well maintained, unfortunately, mine was not but parts are still available and easy to find. My only real complaint is how dark the playfield is... led’s Brighten it up but it could really use some additional accent lighting.

Overall it’s a great game and I agree with other reviewers, probably Gottlieb’s best game.
4 years ago
A lot of fun to play and very difficult shots. The spinning disc adds a level of unpredictability to game play as you never know where the ball is going. Call outs are great too. This machine is worthy of top 20 of all time in my opinion! Difficult to find for sale and when you do, it's priced very high. Hope to land one someday.
4 years ago
Overall, I think this game is a lot of fun. As others have mentioned, underrated! The roulette wheel definitely adds a lot to the game and allows a break in the action. Multiball is fast and the 10,000,000 shot is always challenging. Very fun machine that can be picked up relatively cheap.
4 years ago
For what it was when released it was impressive. The subject matter could not be beat and considering how many were made, shows its appeal. Forward nearly 40 years and it is still very popular for it's subject matter alone. Classic gameplay with not a lot going on. As others have mentioned, it's basically a show piece for the artwork but likely doesn't hold up in a small collection.
4 years ago
Classic machine that is very challenging. Overall a fun and difficult game to master. Descending into the lower level via the gravity tunnel is always fun. Shots on the lower level are tough and unforgiving. My only complaint about this game is difficulty in repairs and keeping it running but once all the recommended ground mods are done along with the addition of the pull-up resistors, particularly on the lower level, the game can be made to be rock solid.
4 years ago
I’ve had this machine for a short while and overall it’s a solid fun, family friendly game. Both kids and adults are drawn to it. Upgraded with LED’s the machine really comes to life. Gameplay is rather easy and depth is limited but don’t forget the fun factor, which it has. I agree with some of the others on lastability as I can’t see myself keeping it forever.
4 years ago
Just recently got this game and I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised. Just like other ratings, I agree, it’s a simple players game but is definitely fun. Some of the call outs can get repetitive but many games have the same issue and overall, it doesn’t really bother me. Multiball is fast and can result in big points. Upgrading to LED’s makes a world of difference and makes the machine look great. Very family friendly and easy to learn. How long it’ll last in collection is TBD however for now, it’s great!