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35 days ago
very surprised,it's fun with a lot of things to when you understand rules
a really good game underrated
1 year ago
very underated game,it s fast with a lot of multiballs
very funny game and shaker is a must have
2 years ago
A really very good pinball with incredible sound,animation,multiball(get etrenal life is awesome).
2 years ago
Great game,easy rules,fun game play.
This game has a lot of things to do,lightening animation is gorgeous.
2 years ago
this game doesn't has deep rules but atmospheris specialso you want to play again and again
this game is too easy if you take jewels with your wishes
very beautiful pinball
3 years ago
very funny game,you want to play again ans again,it's a verydifferent game of what i have and that's why childs and i love it
3 years ago
spider is not a bad game but it's not my cup of tea because things to do are always the same
4 years ago
not bad, not good,no special feeling with this pinball
4 years ago
what a great pinball !
the best i ever played,there so much things to do !
yes it's hard but very fun,at home since 3 months and when a game is over you want to play it again,very addicting game !
4 years ago
a good game but easy play with a lot of fun
5 years ago
not a bad pinball,there is a lot of thing to do
too slow in the beginning of the game but better when you far in game
5 years ago
not a keeper on my own,this game is boring because the sound is bad and the quality of the game too
5 years ago
good game with fun and a lot of multiball
5 years ago
not for me,always the same things to do again and again
5 years ago
simple rules,but good game with a lot of fun
5 years ago
after 3 years without it at home and differents games i played,my rating is up because this game is so funny and now i won't let him go again
5 years ago
since one year i've got it,i want always play again
all the family and friens love this game