My overhauled and modded Twilight Zone

By CharlSchutten

April 25, 2021

20 days ago

My machine has undergone a complete overhaul and is modded to the max (See the list below). When adding these mods I kept one thing in mind and that is: "If needed, I must be able to bring this machine to it's original state so I kept all original parts and definitive mods where a no-go area".
- ColorDMD
- Game ROM Version 9.4H
- Pinsound: no more reset
- Pinsound: PLUS soundcard
- Pinsound: speakers
- Pinsound: motion control (Shaker)
- Cometpinball: led kit including flashers
- Cometpinball: Upper Playfield Lighting Kit
- Pinballmod: clock millions mod
- Pinball pro: Rocket Ship Pinball Mod
- Pinball pro: Piano Pinball Mod
- Pinball pro: LED Door Flashers Kit
- Pinball pro: Gumball Accessory Kit
- Pinball pro: Camera Mod
- Pinball pro: Dazzler kit
- Pinball pro: Deverter magnet
- Mini Playfield Switch Kit - Chrome
- Mini Playfield Bottom Cover - Clear/Transparent
- Rock custom pinball: interactive under-cab kit
- PindoraBox: Clock Board Set
- Pedretti Gaming: Invader Topper
- Pinball Decalls: ultimate slot machine
- Pinball Pimp: Spiral Vortex Ball Diverter Decal Mod
- PDI Target Decal Set
- Mezel Mods: Twilight Zone 440 GameBlades
- 3d printed left spiral arrow
- 3d printed The Hobbit Pinball Barrel PinCup Mod Mk II

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