It all started in a bowling alley

By Charleston510

June 10, 2020

1 year ago

My mom worked at our local bowling alley here in the fine corner of northwest ohio. I remember going and hanging out there as a teen because I could bike out there and they had a good selection of arcades available. They had a Cirqus Voltaire available to play and I fell in love with it. I wasn't very good, but I loved playing it. This was my only option that was local so I moved on to playing on computer which we had the Microsoft Pinball Arcade (not the new one.) I loved playing Cue Ball Wizard the most loving the 90's pinball machines. Pinball always resonated with me throughout the years and when I moved out on my own, I ended up purchasing a Gottlieb Genesis machine locally and played the crap out of it. I did not upkeep it and ultimately ended up selling it. I'd love to own another someday until then, I enjoy digital pinball either it be Pinball Arcade or Pinball FX3. Both I play in table mode when I can.

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