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7 months ago
I found Halloween to be a lot of fun with some rewarding shots. The two upper playfields were a very nice touch. The ball sneaks up on you to arrive at the flippers the way Michael Meyers snuck up on his victims in the movie…nice touch. I played it off and on for a couple hours in a local barcade. I enjoyed it very much, but I think in a home environment with few other games it could get boring after a while. Still, I recommend it as a very fun game that honors its theme. Another hit for Spooky.
1 year ago
Alice Cooper is a fast, fun game. The shots are difficult, but not too difficult. It is kind of game you can’t seem to get enough of. The more I play it, the more I like it.
2 years ago
I know the animations on this game bother some people, but they don't bother me because I think they're generally in keeping with our existing footage of Houdini. I do think they could be improved, however. I love the rest of the game though, especially the use of magnets and the backward/inverted flippers.
2 years ago
I have owned this game for 19 years now. Others have come and gone from my collection (including a Stern Indiana Jones), but this one will never leave. Even after having it all this time I still love playing it.
2 years ago
Nostalgia is a big factor in my enjoyment of this game. It's been in my collection for about 15 years. I don't play it often, but I'll never get rid or it. Sometimes I like to just admire it, knowing how rare it is. It's pretty simple, but it is fun to play.