Back to pinball after being lost for all these years

By Charger500

December 09, 2016

4 years ago

I grew up in a small, rural area in Southeastern Ohio.  My first exposure to pinball was at a small diner in town. I'd ride my bike a mile to get there. Back in the late 70's, I remember going there with a buck or two and being able to spend a good couple hours having fun.  The small diner was in a town of less than a thousand people. The owner there was the only employee. He would fry burgers on the griddle and serve soda fountain Cokes and fries. He had baseball and basketball trading cards and all kinds of candy.  He had one pinball, and a jukebox. I could go there and play pinball and songs on the jukebox, and still have money left for food. Pinball back then it was 5 balls for a quarter. I'm not sure of the pinballs that were there over the years, but I think he had a Fireball and a Capt. Fantastic over the years.  In later years, I would on occasion get to go to a mall arcade and remember seeing High Speed and F14 Tomcat. Fast forward 30 years and now I have a Pac Man multicade and a Getaway: High Speed II. Playing the Getaway brings back all those childhood memories. I'm glad I found my way back to pinball. 

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3 years ago

Just curious - what was that small town? I'm originally from Lima, and now live in Dayton.

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