We all need hobbies

By Chapmant

April 11, 2019

8 days ago

As I've been recklessly ripping through books, thieved from the nearby county library, I try to stay passionate. To community college, to Radford's field school, and off to serve in the state's most silent battle of heritage. I love history, even more, the Civil War's brutal past. Yet, daydreaming of the days to come has only become a burden. Archaeology is rough and ruthless in reality. I wasn't going to let it break me down.

So, it was time for a break.

I found the Roanoke Pinball Museum. I was greeted with brightly colored machines that I'd thought to be almost otherworldly. Long, with looming flashing screens, it was as if I had been taken over by the beast himself as I nudged and flippered with child-like fasination. I was the fated hero that must complete his destiny, of points, at any cost! 

The battle of the Black Knight, the birth of a women though metamorphosis, and the horrific randomized scream that happened every thirty minutes. It all drove my mind wild with fantasy as I explored each with caution, as beyond the decals and paints, the worlds within these pinball machines would consume me at the first touch. There would be no going back; I had no other choice but to continue on till the end.

With such curiosity that lead me head-first into the journeys of the pinball multiverse, i came to wonder why. The outside was so beautiful and intelligent. So I did as no man had done before and looked under the makeup. 

I was immediately entranced. Switches, boxes, wires, and hidden chimes. The love put into every detail and stroke of this creation was exposed to me and i couldn't step away. I dug, dug, and dug into every YouTube video, every site, and even this forum starving for knowledge. I didn't want to know- I needed to know.

So now, here I am. Completely new to the community. I don't own any machines myself, but hope to find a project possibly in the future.

I lurk till further notice.

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3 days ago
Very well written. welcome and watch out, once you are drawn in, you may never leave.
3 days ago
I too applaud the creative writing and bow before your excellence :)
3 days ago
Have you considered writing about pinball more than you do already?
3 days ago
This was completely unexpected.

I thank you all for your positive comments and acceptance of me into the community. Yet, i have a shocking confession to make:

I thought this would be my "Background" story. Being new to the forum, i just assumed if i put in a story, maybe i could set it manually. Looks like something differnet altogether happened overnight!

Also, to awnser you question Caucasian2Step; it's a maybe. It depends if someone calls upon me to continue this as a series. It's wonderful to know you thought of my writing this way.
3 days ago
Extra bonus for semicolon. A portent of pending pinball prose!
3 days ago
don't purchase your first....soon you will own 30! BEWARE!
2 days ago
I’ve got some pinball history books you can read! ;-)
2 days ago
You made my day as I red this, commuting back home. Good writing, and hope you’ll become a true pin enthusiast. Welcome to this place, it’s the nirvana club of so many pinball stories. Ciao
2 days ago
Is that Lahey hunting for shit hawks?
2 days ago
Awesome post! Welcome!
1 day ago
Welcome to pinball. It is not just a game, it is a passion whether it is collecting or just playing on location.

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