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Chambahz's ratings

Pinsider Chambahz has rated 9 machines.

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Rating comments

Chambahz has written 4 rating comments:

1 year ago
Amazing accomplishment from Stern, sure to do very well.
Love the variety of things to shoot for and the satisfaction of making some of the more difficult (but makeable) shots.
7 years ago
The more I play TSPP, the stronger the addiction.
Amazing ruleset that let's you progress in numerous directions.
Can't beat the theme.
I figure any pin that has "Thank-you, come again" with Apu, is likely one I'll never tire of hearing.
7 years ago
The pin that got me hooked. Played it at a friends house and had to buy my own pin.
Damn you Tron... damn you!!!!!
7 years ago
Simply awesome. Sooooo much fun. My first pin and I think's it's gonna spoil me.
After playing for over a month, a minor complaint I have is the gutter lanes on each side. Even after closing them in as much as possible, I lose far too many balls down there and it can be frustrating.