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5 years ago
I never played it,but it looks good and has all the different switch triggers from that Bally era and cool art as always.
Once owned a Future Spa.Would seriously consider buying either a Hotdoggin or Paragon if a nice one came up for sale.
8 years ago
Great theme,layout and design,but I find it brutal.The plunge,the kickout,the river letters the lock targets and of course the ball coming out of the pops.This makes it a frustrating and challenging game,but makes me come back for more punishment.

One out of every 5 games or so on wh20 can have me on a roll and nailing the ramp shots and working the multiballs well.Glad to have it in the home collection.
9 years ago
Haven't played this,but it's in my top 3 Williams/Bally want list.
10 years ago
Have wanted one of these for years.I had to be patient for the right example to come along.

Love the theme and the look.One of the few classics from the early eighties era,like Fathom,Medusa,Centaur etc
10 years ago
Never played it.Never seen one,only admired it in pictures and videos.

Part of that classic Bally family.I want one !!
10 years ago
Had this one in the collection some years back.Not bad for a Bally wide body,but no Paragon.

Has a whacky theme and some good shot variety.Shooting the inline drop targets can lead to certain drains.
10 years ago
My first pinball in 2003. Kept it for 5 years. Wish I still had it but only so much room.

Loved the spinners and inline drop targets.
10 years ago
Only had a few briefs games on this one including one time at the PHOF Vegas.

Can't comment on the rules too much.It's all about the killer theme,that's enough for me.Also being the last proper pinball machine from Williams.It instantly became rare the day the last one left the factory.

What could go wrong in owning this title,other than me not being able to afford it?
10 years ago
An ok and reliable system 3 machine.Simple and kind of fun.

Excellent for beginners and kids.A good first pin for the family.
11 years ago
Had this one for a few years( gone now).I probably paid too much for it at the time,but the condition of it was very good.It was a very reliable machine with that quality B/W feel to it.

Jackbot has very little ball on metal play which keeps the playfield cleaner and balls have to be changed less often.

A decent rule set,casino run is good fun,some good ol drop targets and a neat bagatelle upper playfield.

I know its an updated version of Pinbot,but it really needed some type of loop shot.

Low production run,but can be had for less.A middle of the road 90's B/W,if I was asked the question.
11 years ago
This game came and went from my small collection.I don't buy/sell often at all.Same line up for the past 4 years.

Who Dunnit has some nice sounds,dots,lighting and a fast orbit shot,but the elevator ramp is too easy to hit over and over and is prone to cracking at the fixing points.A bit clunky with the feel of it.The puzzles are too easy to solve and the roulette wheel and unbalanced scoring was a turn off.

A low production run mid 90's WMS that can be had for less.The theme is well done,but over all it is lacking.
11 years ago
I have only played this one on a few occasions.It just feels like a quality build of a machine to play,smooth and harmonious,but not sure if its a long term keeper.Whitewater is the other lean toward machine I could go for.I have a small collection and would like to add one more (room is a problem)I have read many comments on the rule set.i have not got into the game long enough to comment on this aspect.The artwork is of course beautiful.The spikes and spinning lamp are very attractive,but lacks in pop bumber action.
12 years ago
I just keep coming back to this one.

A challenging unforgiving punisher of bad shots.

Set on 3 ball play,it is a game which you can have a great or poor score(I think Williams Dracula would be the same).

No ball save makes it tough.
The power modes makes it even harder,though sometimes those magnets give you a lucky pull to an award.Just a beautiful looking machine with the topper sitting up there.

Showtime has one of the most spectacular intro's to multiball that Iv'e seen along with AFM.

Yep,a proud owner of one of 20,000 + Addams Family's.
12 years ago
Pat Lawlor's last one with Williams. I considered this one carefully over many others available to purchase.Its got the all round package.Flow,excellent light show,strategy,fast loops and the hole in one of course.Hitting the captive ball never gets old.The masses never really got to access this pinball with its low production run and with Williams closing down pinball not long after.
12 years ago
Have had this bad boy nearly 4 years. I know its been said before but,Its a blast to play!! It is right up there with the best. Couldn't part with it,they're too hard to come by. Don't be fooled by some who bag the open playfield, That's where the battle lines are drawn and the fun begins.The dancing martians and strobe multiball top off this great package.

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