My Pinball adventure

By cessnapilot89

August 04, 2021

43 days ago

Well,  I guess my love of Pinball started when I was 9 when Dad gave me Microsoft Pinball Arcade for my birthday.  He and I used to spend hours playing Spirit of 76 against each other. Ever seince then I have wanted my own pin, and a Spirit on 76 in particular.  

Life took some strange twists and turns that lead to adventures all over the world, but now things are settled down.  In June 2021 I received some really depressing news and decided it was time to do something that would bring me joy, that I had never been able to do.  That goal was to finally own my first pinball.  After a lot of scratching my head and research, I wound up purchasing a well loved Gottlieb Royal Guard from Pacific Pinball Museum and I fell in love with it.  I don't think it could have been a better match,  it ran perfect most of the time, and Larry talked me through the issues that occassionally popped up.  Playing it and learning how to work on it have really helped me to get through a difficult time and brought a lot of joy into my life.

Now to continue my quest to find a Spirit of 76...

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21 days ago

Good luck. I hope you find one!

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