How It All Started

By CelticKnot

November 15, 2023

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17 days ago

Since I was a little kid I always had a passing interesting in pinball, but being a child of the 70s and 80s, arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Moon Patrol, and Dig Dug were more my jam.  And most of the arcades, roller skate rinks, bowling alleys, etc. I went to had exclusively non-pin games, or there were maybe one or two pins like Pinbot or something and I never really got into them.  

Fast forward about 10 years when Space Cadet became available with Windows 95 and the seed was planted.  I played the heck out of that game.

Fast forward another 15 years and the new job I had just landed had a Champion Pub game in the breakroom.  It was in need of some repair but played ok, and I spent quite a few nights after hours playing that thing.  The company was sold and the owner took the game with him when he left.

Well, 8 years later that owner offered me the game, and it is now in my posession.  I have done a lot of work to restore it and bring it back into great playing shape with valuable assistance and advice from the good people here on Pinside.  I hit up all the local pinball establishments in my area as often as possible, and my son is now a big fan of pinball too.  I look forward to adding more games to my collection and sharing them with my son.


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14 days ago

Champ Pub is a really fun pin, and pretty cool you ended up with that same machine..I basically am in the same demographic (age) ..I never knew I'd be a pinhead..yet here we are ;) thanks for the story! Cheeeeers and happy flipping!

8 days ago

Your pinball journey, from Windows 95's Space Cadet to bonding with a Champion Pub at work, is awesome! It's fantastic how you restored it and now share the joy with your son. The Pinside community is a treasure trove of advice, and your story resonates with many of us who unexpectedly became pinheads. Cheers to more games and happy flipping!

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