How I got the Pinball bug.

How I got the Pinball bug.

By Cdemuro

December 28, 2018

22 days ago

I grew up in arcades playing SF2, MK, and KI and never looked twice at pinball. In fact there were rarely pinballs in the arcades. As years went on I wanted to build a mame cabinet and in doing so I got into arcade machines. Then I went to my first arcade expo, the Houston Arcade Expo. Well, I played a few games of pinball but did not really understand what the hype was. I started talking to a guy who showed me and stared explaining the rules and objectives in the games, I always thought you just kept the ball from draining and that's all. Needless to say I was hooked after that. Slowly sold my arcade machines and started with EM pinball machines because they were affordable and I could learn to fix them. My personality is I get into a hobby and learns as much as I can then move on but pinball has really stuck with me. Unlike classic cars I can work on pinball in the comfort of indoors. I can see myself enjoying pinball for many years to come because of the joy of fixing, playing and meeting great people who share the same passion as me.

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