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Parts - For Sale
Used, good condition “I have a Bally Module & Component Replacement Manual for sale.”
Houston, TX
5 (OBO)
Archived after: 66 days
Viewed: 143 times
Status: Not sold
Machine - For Sale
Little Chief Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Great condition game. Playfield is almost flawless. Usual new rubbers, pop bumpers, rebuilt flippers. Fast playing and fun game. I am also open to trades.”
Houston, TX
800 (OBO)
Archived after: 19 days
Viewed: 335 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Partially restored (almost original) “This game has some wear on the play field by the drop targets and 1 spot of flaking paint on back glass. Cabinet has minor water damage the back on the cabinet but still very solid...”
Houston, TX
1,200 (OBO)
Archived after: 30 days
Viewed: 229 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider
Machine - For Sale
Surf Champ Archived
Fully shopped/refurbished “Great playing game. Back glass in good shape and triple thicked. New plastics, pop bumpers, rubbers, rebuilt flippers. Let me know if you need any more info. I am also interested...”
Houston, TX
1,100 (OBO)
Archived after: 9 days
Viewed: 420 times
Status: Didn't sell to Pinsider

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