Prisoner Escaping From Catacomb

By catacomb

November 26, 2015

4 years ago

Hi, I took my screen name from one of my favorite classic Stern pinballs. At one point, I had hoped to collect every Stern Electronics game made, but scarcity of space and certain titles put that beyond reach. Instead, I have a fun collection of mostly talking and multiball titles from the "great" era of pinball, the early 80's. I've always been a fan of the "underdog" pinballs from Stern and Gottlieb, but also have favorites like Black Knight, Firepower, and Flash Gordon from the Williams and Bally powerhouses. To be honest, the Gottlieb System 80 games are the best working games from that era (once you get them working), never have any mechanical problems or the frequent pains particularly of the Williams systems (and those crappy early drop targets).

I live in the Detroit area with my wife Dana and dogs Darcy and Chelsea, and am a brand and marketing strategy consultant by trade. Nothing has ever been as good a detox from the career as digging into a new pinball "find" that hasn't been working in the last decade (or two) and bringing it back to life. The finds and the time to work on them have been fewer and further between, and the pinball juggernauts in this area (Clay and Koz) make my skills and collection feel paltry in comparision. But, time again to make more time for pinball, because when everything else keeps sucking us in, the silver ball will always be wild.

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