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1 year ago
original sound/music is not that great, thank god cleland released a great software upgrade for this!
3 years ago
This pin is just amazing. Everything is great about this game, going from multiball to total annihilation, the hurry-ups and the sorcerer ensures a lot of hours of fun with this game!
3 years ago
A great, exciting and fast pin to play! There is no wizard mode but it is very satisfying to get those MB Jackpots going. Too bad the Super Jackpot is not that lucrative.
3 years ago
This game is fun to play from time to time! For that time (1989) it is an excellent pin. It doesn't have modes or much to do. You just go for the multiball and the combo shot (left orbit and up the ramp), which after some times gets a bit boring.

It's good quality and fun for your money!
3 years ago
I got this pin in Full Led and with a color DMD, which makes it a lot better! The game is just tons of fun. You can play for your modes, Multiball or for the spinner (+bonus). I can imagine that something must be done about the spinner if you want to use this pin for tournaments but for the homeplayer this game will give you a lot of fun!
3 years ago
Once I first started playing this pin I was very impressed by the depth of the rules. I wanted to keep playing and playing this machine, but after some time it started to feel really slow.

Because of the big open play field, all your shots are 'long' and there are no 'timed' shots. You need to stack your mode with your multiball to get some points and since you have to keep setting this up it will not be as entertaining for the occasional player. For a tournament player this machine is very challenging
3 years ago
When I first played this pinball I was hooked! I had to have it! The flow is amazing, the rules are simple to understand and also for younger kids (my son is 5) is it possible to get the Jackpot which just makes his day!