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3 years ago
A very unique game, where multiball is the goal, almost entirely. The ultimate goal is to get all 5 multiballs prepared before collecting all at the same time for the to maximize jackpot values. Perhaps more importantly, beat JEK to become the King of the Monsters by starting all 5 multiballs at one time.

Our GZA is set up with super bands rings throughout, except on the kickers and flippers where we have Marco white rubber and Pinball Life yellow rubbers, respectively. We did put those fatty 7/8” post sleeves on either side of the Sonar shots, which beefs up that challenges significantly. The flippers are set to be lower when activated, but not too low to rest poorly, by bending the rubber-buttoned-stop (not the coil stop) in a bit, shortening its stroke a bit but eliminating the ‘bucket’ effect that energized Sega flippers all seem to me to have. Oh, and lightning flippers.
3 years ago
The crappiest part of The Big Lebowski is its availability. At this point, in late 2018, it is still looking like an uphill battle to get the pre-paid games into the rightful owners’ hands, let alone any additional production. It’s a terrible fate for such a well designed game to be offered by a manufacturer that has so far been unable to produce as many units as was planned or sold.

Art, sound, theme - TBL freaking nails it. The rules need to be refined and built upon for the game to achieve greatness, but that seems unlikely in the current ‘Dutch Pinball’ climate. Still a very enjoyable game with a lot to do in it, utilizing all shots on the board.

Our TBL is set up with super bands rings, except on the kickers and flippers, which have white Marco and red Pinball Life respectively. That upper playfield is suppose to have a large rubber ring to keep the ball on the upper playfield, yup, but not on ours. We removed that ring and put two 3/8” OD rings on the posts up there, so if you don’t make your shot in a collected way that ball of yours will spill down onto the lower playfield. I also unplugged the ‘Light Trampoline’ stand-up switch, and covered its respective light, so you’ll never re-light Trampoline after the first is used, nor know you were able to re-light it. Oh, and lightning flippers.

Get this game built for those that paid for it, so we can all go back to taking it easy like the Dude.
3 years ago
Such an interesting concept with TNA, and I really appreciate it. It’s a bit basic, but the experience you get playing it, especially with others, is super exhilarating.

The sound package is beyond anything I’ve experienced in a game, even in games with after market boards, speakers and amps. The inline drop target bank with the ‘Danesi Lock’ is pure genius, and has great rules to support entering multiball, earning jackpots, and re-lighting multiball.

Ours is set up with super band rings except for white Marco rubbers on the kicks and yellow Pinball Life rubbers on the flips. Oh, and lightning flippers.
3 years ago
An exceptionally fun, but exceptionally brutal layout. A standard late 70s to early 80s Bally, but it has all the elements in a tight little package. Drops, stand ups, spinner, saucers, and then there are the 5 pops, 2 of which add a very high level of excitement. Build up your Old Chicago bonus, and really get those points by collecting in the center saucer.

The game I play is set up with a rubber on the post at the back of the center saucer, which adds a bit of fight when trying to seat the ball.

Old Chicago was the game I bought on the way to my wedding, and was set up for our reception. The best $400 I’d ever spent on a pinball machine.
3 years ago
This is my favorite shooter game, and I’m not talking about the gun. The shots are challenging, and you gotta put all of the shots together to capitalize. The sample is my preferred version iteration. The drop target in front of the warehouse shot adds a layer of difficulty to the game that I really appreciate.

My DH is set up with super band rings, except for Marco white rubber and Pinball Life red rubbers on the kickers and flippers, respectively. Wide outlanes, ball save is set to zero, which still means ball save for maybe 3 seconds, and 1 EB allowed per games. Rules set to hard and I’ve turned on tournament mode. Some may not like it, but tournament mode forces the modes to go in order, bottom to top. Me, I prefer that it go in order, even if I do always start off with Barroom Brawl.

The first DH I picked up was the second least expensive DMD game that I had ever purchased, which was a rather average re-import. Then I bought DH001 and spent very nearly the most that I’ve spent on a DMD game. Both games played like fire because of flipper pre-maintenance and full rebuilds.

Listen to Clint’s custom call outs to hear about a good place for some hot dogs.
3 years ago
Tron is addictive, pulse-pounding, Great Fun!

Easy to learn, hard to Portal. Tron has a rather simple ladder of features that must be accomplished, at least partially, to reach Sea of Simulation, or completely to get to Portal. Tron also has perhaps my favorite rule in all of pinball - the End of Line Jackpot! Pump up that EOL Jackpot with multiple shot combos that end in a right Cycle ramp to Arcade combo! The disc puts amazing action on the ball, and truly suits the theme of the game. From rules to physical layout, this game gives me that good feeling that otherwise only my wife can provide.

I've replaced the black disc with the clear, replaced all rings with Super Bands (with the exception of the kickers where I utilize Marco white rubber and on the flippers where I use Pinball Life yellow rubber), widened outlanes, removed ball save, and limited to 1 EB per game. For the purely visual aspects, added the lit ramp kit and the arcade mod. Then for the audio I've replaced the speakers and added an amp to keep up with the aftermarket soundtrack remix that I'm currently rocking.

The only reason I'd sell the Pro is to get the LE. More than likely I'd buy the LE and keep both. Perhaps even more likely, I'll sell other games to buy up on more Trons and corner the market.

I love Tron more than Lamp, more than brownish tofu chili, more than lightning kitty, and just a tiny bit more than @centerflank - whom I've never met but is still the Chairman of the Board!