How I got started in the Hobby

By Captive_Ball

March 02, 2013

7 years ago

Spent many years working at a bowling alley from highschool through college. Caught the bug while playing the pins on location and would frequently show up early before work to get in a few games before my shift started. Had battles with others I worked with over the years on serveral pins, the one that really got me started loving the hobby was TOTAN.

I also spent a lot of time going from alley to alley within Texas for bowling tournaments.....aways made a b-line to the arcade to find out which pins where on location. I played Cirqus Voltaire in 97 and was instantly captivated.

Was perfectly happy with the 1 machine until I stumbled upon Pinside.....saw that some people have 10 plus machines in their collection....I thought to myself "you can own more than 1 of these?"...and then it was on.

Still have CV in the collection...and I have been slowly growing the collection since joining Pinside in March of 2013....and catching the bug!

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