Jumpin Jack.

By Captainskalet

July 31, 2019

21 days ago

I wonder if I will be greeted with howls of derision?!! Here goes...I have a Jumpin Jack machine and I've totally covered it over. I know, I know, but hear me out! I'm a big Madness fan so I have made the game of my dreams, now called House of Fun. Now, I am not a heathen, I respect original artwork so my playfield is paper art which is covered in  1mm polycarbonate. The playfield  is still under there, untouched. Likewise with the cabinet and head. The clown drop downs are covered to read TEMPTATION as in the words of the song and there are varying nods to lyrics, videos, etc all over the game. All points are the same too. It's away being mechanically serviced at the moment and will come back with the chime unit working and a kill switch fitted for silent play. I'll post pics when it's done, or not as the opinions are voiced. The experienced game technician reckons I've done a great job so far so I'll let you decide too!!! I designed a new backglass and had it printed on opaque plastic and I made a coffee table out of the old one as I wanted to keep it. I know, where will the sacrilege end! I see it as preservation, you may see differently?

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6 days ago
There will always be "Purists" in any forum on any topic.
I see it as... do what makes you happy !
Looking forward to pictures.

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