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4 years ago
I'm a big wresting fan and did not enjoy this machine at all.
4 years ago
Fun game. Great art. Could use a few more songs. Gene's head shoots the ball sdtm too often though. Otherwise wise it is a fun game
7 years ago
This game is awesome! The theme is great. The layout is great. The toys are great. The music is great. The art is great. The rules (now) are great. The only knock is the lighting. Really needs LEDs to pop.
7 years ago
I found this game at a local bar. Stuck a buck in for 1 game. I got 2 matches and 2 replays on top of that. After game 4 I was ready to leave and put very little effort into game 5... very sad. The playfield layout just doesn't do it for me. The left ramp was the only fun shot. On the positive side it is very bright and the LEDs look nice. It was nice to a Metallica pro and the color was much better. The game is not though. Definitely one of Stern's weaker games in a long time. I enjoyed Avengers more.
7 years ago
Fun game. The color changing LEDs are nice and always let you know what to shoot for. It is nice to see custom animation but some of them don't look the best. The callouts are good and consistent with the mode. The shots seem very similar on each mode. I don't know if they would get boring if the was owned in home and was played hundreds of times. The flow was excellent but the locks did feel a bit cheap. It was also annoying that many times after hitting the center drop target the ball would go flying out one of the outlanes. Toys were a bit weak and maybe could have done more neat stuff with the theme.
Overall it looks like a very good value for a Stern pro.
7 years ago
What is the deal with April's boobs?! All her tmnt royalty checks must have been able to afford her a new set.
The art is nice on the game. I enjoy the original ninja turtles theme song. That guy who keeps yelling "ninja" does get old. The playfield layout is unique. and the rules do seem a big shallow. But sometimes it is fun just to flip away and not worry about deep rules.
7 years ago
Very fun game. My wife loves it because of the novice mode which makes her want to go pinball.. which is nice. I am a big fan of murder mysteries and the machine does an excellent job of setting the atmospher. The music and sound effects are good.. although I could see the phone getting annoying.
Many shots to shoot for which a nice playfield layout. Not a ton of toys but that is ok. I do agree with reviewers that the roulette wheel does skew the scores. This is a good thing while playing on location as it helps get the replay score but at an in home setting it could get annoying.
Overall a very fun and different game to play.
8 years ago
Fun game. Grows on you after a while.
8 years ago
Just not fun at all. Felt cheap and small. And for $3500 to boot! The sound and lights were nice. The one I played was at a retail store and had a "sold" sign on it so they must be selling to someone.
8 years ago
This is a pretty fun game for the price. Not the deepest rule set but it does have plenty of shots to shoot for from each flipper.
The left ramp is very fun to hit and requires a very accurate shot to make it all the way up. The skull in the middle is a neat toy. Although the middle of the playfield above it is a bit cluttered.
The art is very good as in the cab art. Thank goodness there is no Robin Williams on it!
LEDs look very good in it.
If you can get it for 1200 or less I saw good for it. It is a good, family friendly themed pin.
9 years ago
I think this is a very underrated game. It has a ton of depth, many ways to start multiball, and many modes. So there are many ways one can go about trying to get a good score. The shots are varied and tough to make.. the ramps might be a bit too tough.
Being a fan of the show I think the artwork and gameplay is great. The sound is a bit suspect but I had a new sound ROM and new speakers put in and that seems to clean it up a bit.
It does lack in playfield toys. i think the alien baby and the flukeman look neat but they don't do anything. Maybe just a bit extra lighting for the alien might have really help. The file cabinet is cool and the trapdoor to the basement is neat and very easy to hit.
11/12/13 Edit: I had to lower the lastability. The game was fun at first but eventually just sat there and was never played. The ramps are just a killer.
9 years ago
The more I play it the more I like it. A ton to do and many shots to hit. The giant ugly Wolverine doesn't help its cause though.
9 years ago
After a decent amount of gams and the Pro and the BIBLE, they don't even feel like the same game. With the addition of drop targets, swinging bells, LEDs, TNT plunger, lower pf, dancing band members, etc, it is a much, much better game.
9 years ago
A very fun game. Not the fastest.. plenty of stop and go. But a change of pace from the typical fan layout.
The toys are fun with the raptor kickback and ball eating t-rex along with the shaker motor.
The DMD animations are very nice as is the music. Could use a few more call outs.
The wizard mode is not the easiest but it is also not impossible so average players can get there occassionally.
Multiball is fast and furious and with the use of the Smart Mission, 6 ball multiball can be had almost every game played.
Overall a very fun game and requiers accurate shots. And a very fun theme.
9 years ago
This is game is FAST. Probably the fastest machine I have ever played. The problem is that I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. The music is excellent but the callouts are of no help. The TNT targets in the center of the playfield are a deathtrap with a SDTM drain after you hit them. I do enjoy the cannon toy but it does block the right outlane.
Overall, it is a fun machine worth a few plays. But nothing spectacular.. at least the Pro version is.
9 years ago
Fun and fast game. Call outs could be better since I am confused what to do most of the time. The animations stink and the toys look cheap (mostly broken on the one I play in public). But overall it is pretty fun. Good variety of shots. 4 ball multiball is intense and fun.
I personally think it feels like Iron Man but with more crap on the playfield.. but that is not a bad thing.
10 years ago
I have quite a few plays in this game. It is such a frustrating game but it keeps me coming back for more. Acheiving multiball is no small task and is very satisfying when you do. The machine go black and the crowd starts chanting "rollergames.. rollergames". Then all the balls are released down the right inlane at once.. which is frustrating because I usually lose one right away.
The backglass is cheesy at best but funny. The dude with the bald head and handlebar mustache is priceless. But the artwork isn't the best.
The sound is pretty good and the Rollergames theme song is quite addicting. The call outs aren't bad. When you finally get multiball the lightshow and the crowd chanting is very satisfying.
The gameplay is EXTREMELY fast. I have my machine at around 6-7 degrees. It has a decent amount of shots but the upper right flipper shot up the Wall is where the real scoring is.
Overall, it is a pretty fun pin. It is similar to Iron Man.. whereas it is fast and brutal with quick games but leaves you wanting to play just one more.
10 years ago
The theme goes very well with the movies. The pirate ship is a cool toy. I bet it would look excellent with LEDs. I question its lastability. It is one of those games I am up in the air about. It is pretty fun but for over $3000 there are plenty more machines that are cheaper and more enjoyable.
10 years ago
What can one say about this game? It might get old after a while but Elvira has the ability to keep this machine fun and fresh for a long time.
The shots are fun and challenging. The lights with LEDs are amazing. The animations and voice work are some of the best I have ever seen. Artwork is superb. Even the spider spinner was fun and I am not a big fan of backglass games.
10 years ago
Very fun machine. The castle is excellent. Has a really fun fan layout with a variety of shots. Rules are easy to understand. I really have no complaints about it except that sometimes you get a SDTM drain after hitting the castle drawbridge but that just could be the setup on location. Very fun but I don't think it is 10k worth of fun.
10 years ago
This game is just plain fun. Multiball is the name of the game and it is fun indeed. Mist multiball is awesome. The shots are fun and varied. But if you accidentally shot the targets straight up the middle you are gonna get an instant drain.
All the blood, the moaning women, and dracula equal a perfect machine for men.
10 years ago
A pretty average game. Nothing really stood out to me. The Arnold call outs "Shoot Heya and heya" to start the game help know what to do. It might have been the set up where I played about a lot of SDTM on shots like the captive ball shot and the shot to open the lock. It got frustrating after a while. There are no real toys other than some heads on the field. The RPG game doesn't do it for me either. It is worth a try and I'm sure I'll put more money in it someday but not worth owning.
10 years ago
Really fun game with a great layout. Bashing on Sandman is always fun. Always something new happening. Top 2 Stern machine with LOTR. The best of the superhero machines by far and I really liked BDK and IM. Definitely a machine that is worthy of owning.
10 years ago
It may sound like Blasphemy but I enjoyed this more than the Tron that was sitting next to it in the Minneapolis Airport. The call outs were straight forward and I knew where to shot at all times. The music was good and varied quite a bit depending on what shot you hit. The tongue ramp is sweet looking. The left side of the PF will all the plastic cut outs is a bit boring though.
I don't see where all the hate for this game is coming from. Maybe it is a bit easy and would get old in Home use. The only issue I had was the beebopping Mick. He is a jerk and kept getting in the way. All the ball would be rolling down the PF it would hit him in the arse and then drain on the outlane.
10 years ago
I am not a big Nascar fan but I usually could care less about the theme so unlike a large portion of ratings I am not going to deduct points simply because I do not like NASCAR.
The launch was fun but it did get old after a bit. I seemed to break up the flow of the game. Plus, often it would go STDM after the ball got done going around in circles. I had a hard time understanding the rules on how to pass cars and move up the race. There were a few fun shots and hitting the test car in the middle is fun. Overall, not a bad game. Definitely doesn't deserve a lot of the anti Nascar hate it is getting.
10 years ago
The hologram projector just doesn't do it for me. This machine feels less about playing pinball than it does the hologram. Most modes involve a straight shot to the projector. Some may like it but it wasn't for me.
10 years ago
A very fun game. Love the goalie and the spinning ball. A good game for the casual or beginner due to some easy shots like the goalie. Ranked #46 on here, a very underrated pin. Probably because of the lame Snoopie wannabe dog. But as for game play, it is excellent.
I think it is more fun the machines I have ranked higher like IM and BDK but the artwork puts it lower in the rankings.
10 years ago
It is pretty boring. There is the Amp suit and that is about it. Too many SDTM shots especially right off the plunge if you go for the skill shot. The 3D backglass is cool as well as is the lighting. But if you go from Avatar to the IM right next to it where you play you really notice how much Avatar is lacking in the 'fun' factor. It is worth sticking a few quarters into but nothing special here. Definitely not worth buying unless you really have a Jones for all things Avatar.
10 years ago
Fast and smooth with plenty of ramps and loops to hit. Lots of neat toys and fun modes. The DMD screen is well used. Highly recommended if you can find one in the wild that is working properly. Have one of these at the bar I work at but it is broken often.
10 years ago
The crane is a really fun toy. The Joker is a bit of a let down. It really doesn't do anything. A lot of ways to get multiball. The lighting was excellent. The backglass is could have been better. Overall, it was a fun game like IM but I think more could have been down with it especially the Joker. I still don't see the purpose of the Batmoble ramp thing on the left.
10 years ago
As others have said it is drop target mania. Nothing in the middle of the playing field. It gets boring quite fast. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. The machine I played had credits in it when I arrived from someone who didn't want to play them. I think the theme had potential but it is poorly implemented.
10 years ago
The more I play it the more I love it. Best Stern game ever!
10 years ago
This is a fun, smooth game. But it got docked a few points due to the fact that there aren't many toys and sooooo much more could have been done with the them. Take away those 2 categories and this is a solid 8.3 game.
Also, the center ramp shots is very difficult if the right flipper isn't at full strength.
10 years ago
The rumbler is fun but that is about it for fun with this stinker.
10 years ago
A fun, fast game with some neat shots. A few well placed shots and the replay score is easily attainable. Plus the ZZ Top music and shifting gears are very nice touches. And I cannot complain about 3 plays for $1 at my local bowling alley.
If you have never played it before, give it a few plays before making a judgment on it. It gets better after multiple plays. Plus, don't forget to shift gears to maximize your point total.
10 years ago
This game is fun and fast. The game play is very smooth. It has a wide range of shots and some fun toys. Bashing away at the Monger is always fun, especially in multiball. Just watch out that you don't get a ball stuck in the Monger as it is lowering. This happened to me and I had to tilt the machine to get to my next ball.
I did not like the fact that it is 75 cents per game but the machine was set at 5 ball so it eased the pain a bit. Plus, the ball save is quite long. The replay score is still hard to get. You have to be a real pro to get it with only 3 balls.