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3 years ago
As one of the few Pinsiders that actually loves the theme, this game was always on my Radar. I finally was able to purchase one (Played it a lot at shows and on location) and now that i can drink a beer and dive deeper into the rules and explore the new code I have come away very impressed. The build quality is fantastic. And the sheer amount that the Team over at AP put in this game is staggering. They coded the hell out of a machine that people never really gave a legit shot. This will go down as an extremely underrated game. Maybe it will be worth more in the future... I don't care though, not selling.
4 years ago
I have put on a lot of games on the Pro and LE. The Pro to me is just an incomplete game. I am sorry but it is bare bones. It needs the upper play-field... and the Premium and LE need the upper play-field plus one more mech. Sorry but it seemed just empty to me. It's fast because there isn't much to the play-field. If I had to choose I would go Premium. Great Art and Sound Package though!
4 years ago
Put in a few games... Just enough to know that this game is seriously fun and deep. The layout is great and I wish Stern loaded games up like this one now a days.
4 years ago
Love this game! It is pretty addicting, the new animations are amazing to watch. The light show is second to none... code could be deeper but I am not that great of a player so I like the rule set.


I sold mine... I had it for 6 months and to be honest the code is so bad it almost killed my love of pinball. Well maybe that is a bit extreme but this is the classic example of chopping wood. It got so repetitive and I have only room for 2 games at a time. This title would do so much better in a larger line up. But for me this game got really old really fast. It is fun, the theme is awesome, the artwork and cgc treatment was phenomenal... but at the end of the day the code really sucked.
4 years ago
I really really wanted to like this game. I really did... I almost bought one before even playing it. Thank god I did play it, I played it a lot just to figure out why I didn't like it as much. The shots and play-field just felt and looked hollow. I don't know. This was a miss for me guys. I just had to share my 2 cents.
4 years ago
Why did I think this game sucks???? I am so glad I got to play this game over and over and over again. It really was such a pleasant surprise! The Art is absolutely terrible. However the game play is there! It shoots so nice, Steve is the king of flow! I loved every second of play time. I would own one in a second.
4 years ago
I love the look of this machine, I love the theme, I love the music and call outs, I love everything except the shots. They are so hard to find, and when a machine like this is on location it can get expensive to play it enough to find the shots. Nothing worse feeling than putting a nice crisp $1 bill in a machine and then brick shots all game... But I will say I would own one in a heart beat. I think having this in your home and playing it as many times as you want would really be awesome. Great first effort for American Pinball. Bring on Oktoberfest!
4 years ago
Only knock on this game is the Theme. But damn, this is one of the best shooting games I have ever played. It just plays so nice! With flow so sweet you would think it was made from honey. Love everything about this game, just wish it stayed Archer, or some other theme.... funny enough though I think Iron Maiden music fits pinball pretty well.
4 years ago
The flow hurt my review. Although the art and music are so so so good, some shots are just a pain in the butt to hit consistently. I hope that everyone that bought this loves it for a long time. But I don't think this one is for me long term.


This game is way more fun than I first realized! I had to change a few things on my review to reflect that. This is a game that never takes itself so seriously and has just a great rule set! If you buy it you wont regret it.
4 years ago
I love this machine! I am truly addicted to this game. I played the original and the remake quite a bit, and I find the original to be made a bit better. But you can't go wrong with either one. The game play is fast and fun, the game rules are great, destroying saucers to me never gets old. The call outs???? "MULTIBALL!!!" amazing!

If I was going to be real picky about this game, I would say it is a drain monster. Which makes me a better player but damn it can be frustrating! Especially when you are playing at a $1 a play at the bar. But again, it makes me a better player. So yeah I am a big fan.
5 years ago
Looks pretty, but got dull very quick. I would recommend spending your money on the Williams version.
5 years ago
This is my Grail... I have lots of great memories with this game, it plays fast and can be challenging. The theme is just beautiful. One of my all time favorites!
5 years ago
Not that great... I had high hopes. Played this a lot since it is at my local bar. However I just hate the shots, and the empty play-field. Not worth the price tag, they must have put all of the money into the licensing.
5 years ago
A bit over rated for me... But I understand the appeal.
5 years ago
Love this game... could play it every day. Great shots all over the place. Great theme!
5 years ago
I find this a very fun game that can be played by anyone. It's highly satisfying hitting that broadside and also Davy Jones Locker.... Cannon adds a lot of fun as well. Glad I bought it.

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