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3 years ago
Great theme but can be quite frustrating. The massive clown face shot in the center really ends up being a death shot. The auto plunge is a nice feature but makes it difficult to play with more than one player.
3 years ago
A game truly built for fans. Even people who aren't can enjoy the variable gameplay and fun toys. Shooting the cannon, banging the bell all provide fun feedback. The sunken mini-playfield really adds to the game. I won't even bother playing the Pro version since it lacks it.
3 years ago
A really well themed game. The goalie makes it a lot of fun with a variety of "kicks" to score. Some of the features like the magna-save and big spinning ball are lost on me. The gameplay is real easy to follow and even novice players can have a great time.
3 years ago
This game can be brutal to the novice player. With a little flipper and shot control it can be a really fun, fast paced game. The artwork is fantastic and the theme oozes. Fun little toys like slimer, the NYC subway, and the Scoleri brothers really deliver.
3 years ago
Like PunchOut! but pinball. Fun little training games to vary it up. Quite a different design than a traditional pinball but the theme works. Interesting and fun.
3 years ago
If you've seen the film you know they couldn't have done better with a game. If you haven't seen it, you'll still love this machine for it's lastability. So many fun shots, so many callouts.
3 years ago
The ramps are what draws me back to this game. It's a great feeling to land the combos.
3 years ago
With variations of multiple stories this game always draws me back to play. So many interesting different shots can be accomplished with flipper skills. Great lighting and theme.