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1 day ago
Its a looker. Fun game to. But i dont like the value i AM getting . Its a Lot of money not a Lot of quality
1 day ago
I love this game. Maybe i AM even a IM fan now?
64 days ago
Good game . But its missing something.
Cant put my finger on IT yet
3 months ago
Nice! Great flow.
3 months ago
Big SW fan . Big pinball fan . But for me this machine doesn't come together.

4 months ago
Like it
4 months ago
Buy a pro. But if money is no object. Get a LE.
IT is a little better
4 months ago
4 months ago
In love with the theme. But i cannot get past Just liking the gameplay. But very good overall
5 months ago
Big fan off the movie . Big fan of pinball. so perfect combo
But i cannot get over that flipper gap
8 months ago
I fu......g love IT

Toybox is excellent
8 months ago
Happy with my pro. Dont need a premium. Great game. Pizza multiball is one of the best
Artwork Bright
8 months ago
Nog a big fan of the band. But this is one of the best
music pins out there. The toy chest is amazing. And the flow fantastic

Update. The music is growing on me to.
1 year ago
Love the show. This pin is average at best. And the cheaper models i like even less
1 year ago
Wow. This is perfect

Theme integration is spot on

And IT looks amazing
9 years ago
I love it, no words for it

maybe the best pinball ever up there with TZ

i do like these wide tables beter

it might even be better than TZ because of it's better sound and the fact that it has cool video modes

it is like playing the movie, and you know they did a good job when you feel like seeing a IJ movie after you played it.

I sold my MM to buy 3 or 4 decent games and i do not regret is for one moment.

you choose: an MM or a TZ,IJ,TAFand a drucula, i think you wont have 4 times more fun but 5

why some tables are so much more expensive is beyond me. but hey i am not complaining
11 years ago
a good machine but the quality sucks, yes it's a colectors market out there nowedays. but if it stood in a bar for 2 years it would be ruined.

I also looked at a couple of them and noticed some playfields were teribly clearcoated.

shame on stern
11 years ago
come on guys at stern , do something realy original for a change
if this is what stern's is all about i predict you guys won't last that long.

pinball isn't dead, but your games are
look at all the good games from the ninteties and ad something to those games , i say go stern go.
as it is your games are a leme excuse to sell pinball machine's

as the only remaining pinball factory there is left, you should do much beter.
11 years ago
remember it's a 1982 machine it must have been a shock to see this at first

it is amazing
11 years ago
the pinnball is beter than the movie
11 years ago
just for the theme it's a 9.0 game

but it isn't perfect , stil looks great and should be in any pin collection
11 years ago
its a good pin but i just cannot get the hang of it

like it dont love it
12 years ago
did not appeal to me
12 years ago
verry good , i just like the theme of t.o.m. better
but i wouldn't mind owning one
12 years ago
my opinion : a stern will never be a bally/williams
the quality is way less, you play it and think what is going to break first.
but it is a good effort though , just wish bally was still among us
they would have made this good pin an exellent pin
12 years ago
verry funy pin for the whole family up there with the best
12 years ago
who made the sound for this one? it sucks after 5 minutes

and just shooting the trunk gets boring

trapdoor is nice
12 years ago
way better than i expected
12 years ago
do not see what all the fuzz is about
12 years ago
not a bally/williams but good fun
12 years ago
I now think different about MM
after owning it for years , i agree it is good
but not that good, it is really nothing special
sure , buy one if you can afford it, and no collection should be without one
but if you buy one pinn. do not buy this, but buy 5 others instead
i really think you will have 4 times the fun
it is overpriced, and i think that is OK because i sold it for a hell of a lot of money
but I am glad I did
it does get old, this pinn. its just for A-holes that want to say they have a MM at home
well good luck with it

if you take in account bangs for bucks it should not be in top 100, but we don't
12 years ago
fast furious and wit music by zz top wow
12 years ago
i prefer normal version though
12 years ago
simply the best, and with music from golden earing
and it's a game you will hate at first and love after many years

do not buy and sell quick, but stick with it
it will grow on you

it does not get better than this.

it is the best pinnball and there is no other to mach it