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2 years ago
If I was rating the stock sound package this game would be much lower but with the Cleland updated audio this game is amazing. While the layout is very similar to a few other pins *cough* metallica *cough* I actually enjoy it much more. The left outlane can be brutal on this game with the magnet which can lead to a lot of cussing and frustration.

I do like that you can choose your own path on the way to immolation and save zandar. I really wish those modes were worth the journey though. Cherry bomb is a much better wizard mode than either of the final ones IMHO. I still enjoy playing it on location but glad it is gone from the house.
2 years ago
I've owned the game for a month and a half and have over 400 plays on it now so feel comfortable rating it. The playfield flow is second to none on this. If you like shots that flow from one to the next this is your game. I know people knock this game for the complexity but to me that is why I love it. My wife and son can have a ton of fun starting battles and going for the early multiballs and I have so much to see getting deeper into the game. It really is a perfect game for the home but I do plan on adjusting it to be harder. I find with the factory setup to have a lot of longer games than any of my other machines.

Shots and layout play easy but the code is what keeps you coming back.

The voice work and music fit really well for me. I don't really understand the hate on it there. It's the comic book theme so I don't expect the movie voice and music.

The marvel ramp and raising disk -> tunnel -> VUK are must haves for me. I've played the pro a bunch and I just don't like the pro version of this game.

I can see this game staying in my collection for a very long time.
4 years ago
Update 6/12/2020 - Code is now at .94 and it really feels like a different machine. Many of the modes have been adjusted and are more fun, the lighting is continuing to be improved, the secondary modes like demodogs and upside down have been tweaked for more fun. This game just keeps getting better. It's not an easy game by any means as some of the shots are tight but it's very rewarding and each game feels different.

UPDATE: 3/16/2020 - I now own this machine and I am updating based off the 0.86 code. I have installed the UV light kit on my machine as well and it really adds to the experience. The code has matured a ton and there are now multiple ways to destroy the demogorgon. Stern has determined that my machine has an improperly built ramp and there are a good number of early machines out there with the same problem. A fixed ramp kit will be sent to resolve that issue and make the demogorgon shot more reliable to hit. I have over 800 games on my own machine now and I just love it. I can't wait to see what else they do with the code.

Original Review:
I've put about 4 hours on this machine so far and I'm really enjoying it. I'm rating this as it sits today with the .75 code so hopefully things like the sound/music/callouts all get better. As it sits though I find the game to be pretty fun. On the surface it looks like it would be very similar to MM or Attack from Mars but it really isn't. I'm coming at this game not just as a pinball player but also someone who loves Stranger Things and once I stopped caring about scoring and started playing the theme and going for the modes I felt it was really well done. Each mode felt unique although I would like to see more callouts/indication on what you need to do. There was one mode where the only thing flashing was the drop targets but those are always flashing so was confused for a second. The demogorgon is a hard shot and I hope that they increase the value of that target as in competition I would never go for it. That said we did have a few games where completing that task was all we tried to do and we had a lot of fun doing that. There is a lot to do already in this game and I feel it fits the theme really well. So well I've ordered one for my home.

As for the machine itself I really like the look of it. While initially the center screen area bothered me once I started playing that went away completely. Watching the ramp come down is cool. For me the pro is the best looking one but that is so subjective. The screen also seems to be improved as it looks more contrasty and clear than the JP sitting nearby.
4 years ago
This pin quickly became a family favorite. The jazzy music and the gambling aspect keeps it entertaining and interesting. It's a lot of fun to open up the head and get the multi balls. It's got a semi challenging skillshot which I find much better than Bride of Pinbot.
4 years ago
I love the look of the machine but it can be quite difficult and unbalanced. It's fun to change the faces and that makes the left ramp the major shot in the game. Just keep shooting it and that gets boring after a while. The outlanes are brutal especially the right one. Seems to be where the majority of my drains go down. Still it's a challenging game with some cool gimmicks.
4 years ago
Of all the pins we play at league night this is my least favorite. I'm more a 90's pinball fan and I find the rules and everything just way to complicated. I also really dislike the playfield graphics. The cab itself is pretty and the integration of the lcd is good but I prefer more pinball action and less lcd action. Overall I just don't have fun with this pin.
4 years ago
I have a love hate relationship with this game. The layout is brutal but made a bit better if you get slightly longer flippers. It's still a challenge. The graphics are second to none although the backglass is a little blah. The cab is amazing and I just love hitting slimer with pinballs. I find I usually end up playing the same strategy though which is why I would not add this one to my own collection
4 years ago
This pin has become one of our favorites to play. We love hitting the crate and the skeleton ramp is a blast. The interaction with the backglass is also really cool.
4 years ago
I've been playing this machine on league nights and it's amazing. From thing coming out to grab your ball to the auto flipper. It's a blast to play and I love going through the mansion rooms.
4 years ago
What else can be said about this game that has not already been done. It's a classic and I really want to have one in my collection
4 years ago
Re-Rating after the 1.11 update

The latest update adds some much needed variation to the game. You can now earn one more extra ball as well as relight mystery but you have to make the decision to go for it instead of jumping right into munster madness. The secret mania mode has been moved from a secret button code to a chattering teeth reward which is really cool and is a fun thing to get. The couch potato mode is a fun distraction as well for a challenge mode. Lots of new audio callouts and videos have been added. This was the polish the machine needed. No drastic change to the core gameplay but better usage of the targets.

Original Review:

I've had the machine a year now and while the shot layout is fun and the artwork is excellent the software is hollow and unpolished. Once you get to Munsters madness, which isn't hard, there is not much more to see. For a competition pin the multipliers with stacked super jackpots and multiballs are the only way to get high scores. This puts you at a mad dash to qualify grandpa, start spot, start grandpa (exploit as it's not supposed to be stackable), then start Lily. Once that is done raise playfield multi to 6 and go for the back to back multiballs. Really no other decent or worthwhile strategy.

All that said my family won't let me get rid of this pin. People that come over who are not pinball people love it the most of my collection.

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