My first Genco

By BWHenson

December 28, 2021

29 days ago

No joke, I went to an Estate sale in Rockford buy some military stuff and tools and walked in a room with a Captain Kidd head and thought that would be cool hanging in my shop lit up hanging on the wall so I bought it not knowing that the body was there too, it was buried under uniforms ect. My friend who runs the E/S sales said hey the other part is with it do you want it too $55.00. Well I got the two parts home and put together and plugged it in and it had life!!!!!! So I go back to sale next day to see if maybe we could find legs,coin door,ball plunger. My friend sez he'll go down stairs to look but I can't go with so I wait, he comes up with the legs... Wow I go home and put them on and now can't stop thinking about the rest.. So I go back and this time he says I'll sneak you down stairs but I gotta tell ya that that's where he died!!!! Soooo we get to basement and it looks like a bomb went off down there ,there was stuff everywhere in piles we went to the gun room (where you could see and smell) where he was.RIP. BUT I FOUND the plunger wow, I dug and dug hoping to find coin door and found alot of other stuff to buy but still no luck finding the door and I mean I dug, this place was packed but  the smell was getting to me and I was ready to give up.. I climbed other a couple of piles to go back up stairs, mad that I didn't, couldn't find the door and kicked something on the floor and looked to what it was and it WAS the door, the coin door!! I mean I had looked and looked and there it was on the floor. So now I'm a Genco man and that's ALL I buy.... I have a Captain Kidd I play alot a Argentine I'm finishing up a Victory, aTri Score a Power House and a lot of parts machines and am looking for more,soooo if you have any thing......

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