I can't believe it's been 30 years...

I can't believe it's been 30 years...

By BuschPin

March 28, 2017

25 days ago

I have 35 years of experience working as an illustrator, designer and author.

My first venture into the pinball industry was back in 1987 when I created the painted portion of the backglass for Gottlieb’s “Arena”.

In 1993 I joined the fledgling Capcom coin-op company and created the art package for their very first pinball game “Pinball Magic”. My name isn't on the game itself but you can find it in full view on the front cover of the (very expensive) multi-fold-out brochure.

Shortly after that I moved to Sega Pinball, where, as Art Director, I created the art packages for games such as “Independence Day”, “Apollo 13” and oversaw the art production for games “The X-Files”, “Space Jam”, “GoldenEye”, “Batman Forever”. “Twister”, “Baywatch” and others.

"Houdini:Master of Mystery" is my latest game and the one I'm most proud of. Purely original, no outside meddling by any licensor, a great team of seasoned veterans to work with and an exciting title allowed me the freedom to create an art package I'm incredibly excited about.

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18 days ago
Thank you for your contributions to the Pinball World.
18 days ago
I very much look forward to playing Houdini, congrats, the game so far looks great!
17 days ago
Nice man. I love pinball magic!
15 days ago
Baywatch is my favorite pin. What part of the art package did you do for it?
11 days ago
I think you must be proud...in a little more years your work would be a legacy
4 days ago

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