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By brz

November 11, 2010

11 years ago

I guess my story starts when I was about 14 years old. A game room opened in our small town and it was a big hit. They charged a 5 dollar member ship fee and I quickly joined. I remember they had pool tables, foosball, air hockey, space invaders, packman, and two pinballs, playboy and flash. That was my first pinball experience. Soon after that our small town had four arcades, not to mention the games in every convenience store, gas station, grocery store, and restaurants. I would make money by grass mowing and collecting bottles and cans off the side of the road. When I got to town I would blow it all on pinball. Several years later there became other things that interest me. Girls, cars, and partying were the only things on my mind. Finally I met the most beautiful, sexy, loving, understanding, caring[she will be proof reading this - thought I would get that in there]girl and got married. Three years later started a small buisness, had a daughter and built a home. Once I felt like the bills where getting paid and everything was in order, it was time to buy my first pinball. I searched and found one for 800 dollars, it was Playboy. I Loved my Playboy until it started having issues with blowing fuses. I knew absoluteley nothing about electronics and when I lifted the playfield it was quite intimidating. When I found someone to work on it, he told me to "bring it in". I lugged the game to his shop, he fixed it, and I lugged it back home. I pluged it up, same problem, called him and he said "bring it in". Went through the same process, got it home and the problem was still there. I was pretty much to the point where I had to sell it or fix it myself . Thats when I stumbled into Marvins pinball repair guide and a new hobby began. I bought a multimeter, found a bad coil and fixed my Playboy. This gave me a feeling of power and I just wanted to learn more and fix more. Now I have a collection of 10 and have kept them all working including the 14 my friend has on route, thanks to Marvins pinball repair guide.

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11 years ago

Nice story ,
to me pinball is a 'do it yourself' type of thing
while others would be scared to bring home a fixer upper its good to see folks saving pinball machines and bringing back to life.
-welcome to the site brz

11 years ago

Great story! I'm still kind of afraid to do anything but the easiest things to my machines. Hopefully, I will learn a little bit more as time goes by.

10 years ago

Nice collection, bet you are not worried about fixing them now.

10 years ago

I know having others repair home use pins is such a hassle! Looks like you learned how to deal with em pretty well since you now have 10. WOW.

10 years ago

Great story!

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