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8 months ago
Stern has been on a roll the last couple years, and this game is no exception. I am partially biased as an Elvira fan, but Dennis and Lyman really killed it with a fun design and killer code. This game is a joy to play! The modes are fun and funny (Debbie!!!), the toys are great (house, crypt, trunk), and the artwork is really nice (with the exception of the very bland cabinet). I love all the newly recorded Elvira footage for the game and the use of the movie assets is really well done. I do wish the Elvira call outs and videos were a bit more risque with more double entendre. Overall a fantastic package.

I really thought this would be a long term keeper in my collection, but being a "fan layout" I wanted something a little different to shoot (ended up trading for a JP Premium which was perfect). I would still love to own this game again some day, and will happily play it any chance I can get! Kudos to Stern and team!
1 year ago
The Royal Edition of Medieval Madness takes the best game ever made and makes it even better. Medieval Madness has always been my favorite pin, and even through all of the years and new games coming out (which are great), I still have a blast every single time I play this game. It's rare to find a game you don't get tired of - but this is it. The addition of a cool topper, beautiful RGB general illumination, and an awesome large color DMD just elevates the game to even greater heights. While I don't technically have a Royal Edition, I upgrade my Limited Edition with all of the extras (so pretty close) and love them. I still feel after all of the years and after many amazing pins that Medieval Madness is the greatest of all time.
3 years ago
I've owned my JJP POTC for about 3 months now, and so I feel the honeymoon period is over. This game is right up there with the other all time best pins.

So many fun, varied shots. I especially love hitting the inner loop over and over again with the upper left flipper. Lots of diverters and subways which redirect the ball all over the place. Loaded with toys - chest lock, ramp with diverter into whirlpool, rocking ship, cannon that fires across the playfield, etc. There aren't many other games which are this packed. The lighting is incredible, and the art package is really high quality and top notch. The audio is really great, and I love the insane amount of callouts by the guy who played Gibbs.

There is a ton to do code-wise, but I never feel overwhelmed. Takes a little time to learn, but once you do learn the game it isn't that complicated. Lots of multiballs, but unlike Hobbit (which I feel overdoes it with multiballs that don't feel special) they are fun to play and stack. I've had 5 going at the same time, but I've yet to get all 6 going. Love that there are 5 wizard modes, which are single ball objective based modes. I've only seen 2 so far.

The only reason this is not a 10/10 game for me is theme. I am not really into POTC, but thankfully (in my opinion) they messed up the licensing and didn't get the actors permission for the video and audio. I treat the game more as a generic pirate theme when I play (since I've only ever seen one of the movies).

Unlike some other owners, I had no big problems with my game outside of very minor tweaks (like bending up one of the spot-lights because the ball was getting stuck on it).

This game is pretty close to a perfect pin in my book. Super fun, great shots, and I keep wanting to play game after game. Except for the slight ding for theme, it is a home run.
4 years ago
Dialed In has been a controversial game from the moment it was released, but whether you like the theme or not, it is hard to deny what a fun machine this is to play.

The playfield layout has really nice flow to it - it is awesome when you string a really long combo together. There are lots of shots, some on the easier side, and some really hard (I am looking at you, SIM Card hole!). I really like the toys on this game - the QED moving target, Quantum Theater, 5 magnets, ramp diverter, drones with spinning propellers, physical ball lock, etc. It is a nice balance of stop and go, but mostly go.

As of version 1.13 (when this review was written), the code is not necessarily insanely deep (ala LOTR, TSPP, WoZ, etc), but there is still a lot here and it does not get boring. The main objective is to start disaster modes by charging up the phone via QED target, then hitting the phone scoop to start them. There are 11 modes, and they all feel unique. There are various other objectives - Bob modes/multiballs, collecting drone mystery packages at the theater, regular multiball, collecting SIM cards, and so on. Hitting the Big Bang shot while a mode is running has to be one of my favorite shots in all of pinball and it is SO satisfying! (it is even more satisfying when the ball immediately ricochets into the SIM card hole for an instant SIM collect). Again, the game is just a joy to play.

The machine is built incredibly well, the LCD is integrated nicely, and the art package is spot on for the theme. Regarding the theme - this is probably the games most divisive aspect. While there is a cell phone element, the game is more of a disaster theme, which I really enjoy. I get that it is not for everyone, but I feel sorry for anyone who refuses to give the game a chance based on theme alone.

Dialed In is one of the best games made in the last decade, and in my opinion one of the best of all time. Pat Lawlor is back in true form here. The game is just super fun to play, and I can't remember the last time I was this obsessed with playing one of my pinball machines.
5 years ago
I've owned the Hobbit for two weeks now so I feel I am ready to post a review. I may come back as I own the game longer and as the code gets updated to tweak this review. This review is as of code version 1.90.

I will start with non-gameplay aspects. The machine is gorgeous. The cabinet art, the playfield, the bright white GI, the RGB LEDs, the HD Monitor, etc are all top notch. I am really impressed with what they have done with the display. I like the layout much better than how JJP did it with the Wizard of Oz. Lots of information always available. The sound is also great with lots of variety.

What can I say, the game is super fun to play, especially once you start to learn more and more the rules. There are 5 main objectives (runes) you need to collect in order to start one of the main movie multiballs. The runes are: Smaug Multiball, Beast Multiball, Feast Frenzy (collect all the Dwarves), Spinner Frenzy (Advance to Erebor), and complete a mode. There are 31 unique modes to play with several ways to earn extra bonuses on them depending upon the order they are played in, how far you advance in them, how much time you have left, and how far you have advanced to Erebor. There is a ton of other stuff to the rules which I recommend you research if you are interested in the machine. I imagine the code will continue to be tweaked with new additions and refinements, so it will only get better from here.

The machine is super fun to shoot. Before I bought my machine, I played it at a couple shows and on location, and how this machine is setup really makes a difference. It can be slow and floaty if not steep enough, but crank up the pitch and give the flipper coils a power boost and the game flows much better. It can still slow down a little a times, but my machine plays pretty quick. There are some easy shots (the ramps), but the VUK holes and orbits are not easy shots (at least for me). The individually controlled drop targets are SO cool, and make for a lot of unique modes and shots. I read a lot of complaints that the machine is empty and there are not enough shots, but these 11 drops targets alone are so unique (including the stand ups behind them) that they are like 11 unique shots in my book. I like the 4 beast pop ups, but I do feel they are used a little too heavily, primarily when Beast Multiball is running. Hopefully future code will allow Beast Multiball to be completed and that mode will end.

The three main wizard modes/movie multiball modes are challenging and fun. I wish that there were different ways to qualify the three main wizard modes, but instead they are all started the same way - by completing the 5 runes. From what I understand, that will not change.

There is always a lot going on, and the extra monitor on the playfield is helpful, but it currently does not always have details about what you need to do next (like in the wizard modes). I am hoping that more call outs will continue to be added, as well as instructions for the wizard modes on the playfield monitor.

I think my biggest personal concern with this machine could be longevity in my collection. Games can be quick, but when you are on a roll game times can be VERY long. That is needed on such an epic machine to progress, and works for this game. Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite games of all time, but that also has really long game times and can be a commitment to play. In my small collection we will have to wait and see if The Hobbit can last for the long haul. It certainly has the potential to.

JJP really made something special here with this game. In it's current state it is awesome, and will only get better as the code continues to mature. I keep thinking about playing it, and once I start a game it is hard to stop. I don't see that feeling going away anytime soon...but we will see in a year or so from now if I still feel the same way.

If you cannot tell, I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested :).

08/2017 Update: Well, after owning the game for almost a year, it did not last the test of time. The game has sooo much potential, and I think will continue to get better with future code updates, but despite being really deep I found myself bored with it. The real problem is there is almost too much going on all the time, and it is a bit of a multiball fest. It is hard to follow the story/progress in the game when there are always tons of frantic multiballs going on. I love multiball, but in this case it is too much. I still think it is a great game, but not a long term keeper for me.
6 years ago
I wanted to love this game since I love Family Guy, but in the end I really didn't like the mini pinball machine and felt it takes a lot away from the rest of the game.
7 years ago
I've now owned my White Water for about half a year, and it has quickly become one of my favorite machines. The shots are so satisfying...especially Big Foot Bluff and Insanity Falls. I think Insanity Falls is probably the most fun ramp in pinball. The rule set is plenty deep for me, and I like deep rule sets. The game and theme are just fun! This one will be sticking around in my collection for a while...
8 years ago
Wizard of Oz is a really great pinball machine. An awesome first outing for JJP. Putting aside the technical issues some have had (which I did not), the machine is built like a tank. Lots of cool, fun toys. Game is really fun to play and the code (as of 3.0) is excellent! For me, the only real negative is the theme. I actually didn't think I would mind the theme, but after a couple hundred games I was getting really sick of the WOZ music. The voice actors (especially Dorothy) are pretty bad. If you like the theme and can afford one I would say you need to own this pin!

12/22/2016 UPDATE: Since my original review in 2014, I have brought WoZ back into my collection (the only game I have ever brought back up to this point). The code is more polished now and after having some other games in my collection over the last couple years I really appreciate this game ever more. I originally let it go because of theme, and maybe it will start to get to me again, but as of now it hasn't bothered me one bit (it feels like the call outs and music are a little more varied now). The game is so fun - with so many cool and unique toys, and a super deep ruleset. I am really really enjoying the game more than ever.

06/06/2019 UPDATE: Well, WOZ once again did not make the cut (actually been gone for at least a year now). It really is a special game, but I once again started to tire of the theme, and while the coding is great on this one, something just starts to lose my interest with the gameplay. I especially find I don't love the castle upper playfield. Game for the long haul just doesn't click for me.
8 years ago
After owning Star Trek Premium for two months I am back to update my review. I still feel this is a great pinball machine. It is fast and fun. When it comes to flow this pin is right up there with all the other big boys. The warp ramp is super gratifying to hit, especially when you can hit it multiple times in a row. The Level 1 missions are bland but hopefully the code will mature and correct that. I just felt like I was shooting flashing lights with no purpose. The lighting is pretty spectacular. The color changing LEDs are really stunning. It can be a fun thrill ride to play this game. The Vengeance ship is a great toy, it is surprising when the Vengeance fires the ball back at mach speed. Hopefully Stern pours a lot of love into code and helps this pin achieve it's potential!
8 years ago
I've owned TZ for several months now, and having finally gotten Lost in the Zone I am feeling ready to review this game.

I always knew TZ was a highly regarded game, but I only got to play it for the first time about a year ago. I could tell it was fun, but I didn't know what I was really doing. I saw the potential and wanted more, so when one came up for sale nearby I decided to jump on it.

At first I was not took a little while for me to warm up to the machine, but once I started to learn the rules I got hooked. Now that I understand what I am doing I LOVE this pinball machine! The rule set is one of the best. I don't mind a stop and go pin, and there is still some flow to the machine. There are plenty of unique modes, the toys are some of the best, the layout is unique and interesting, the magnets and mini playfield are a joy...I could go on and on. And let me just say, 6 ball LITZ multiball is one of the biggest pinball rushes I've even had!

UPDATE: I've now had this machine for 2 years and never grow tired of it. I had to jump this up to a perfect score. My current opinion is this is the best machine ever.
9 years ago
I think Tron is a good pin. Hitting combos on this machine is tough, but very gratifying when accomplished. The spinning disc is a neat toy. The machine has decent flow, but that Gem shot really annoys me. The theme is great, and when you add LEDs to this pin it is gorgeous. I didn't really love the ruleset and it kind of bored me. Top 50 worthy, but not top 10 in my opinion.
9 years ago
To me, LOTR is just about as good as it gets! The gameplay is FUN, the playfield has a lot going on, fun toys (I love the Ring), and an amazing rule set. I am a big LOTR fan in general, so that helps too! Amazing pin!!!
10 years ago
Worthy of the number one spot...but plenty of others that are right up there with it. My grail game, which I now own. I never get tired of playing it.
10 years ago
Road Show is a really great bang for your buck pin. The variety of shots is excellent, and there are plenty of city modes to complete. I personally keep the extra ball buy-in turned off, and have only reached the wizard mode a handful of times. I think this is a super fun pin! I enjoy Red and Ted's banter. I am not a huge fan of the country song that plays when you hit a jackpot in multiball, but I can live with it. I feel it is a top 30 game. Most people complain about how linear it is, but again, this does not bother me.