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10 months ago
Came across this machine at a local pizza place. Spent a good chunk of change while waiting for my order. Was surprised with the nsfw call outs but laughed everytime I heard one. Other than that the game was ok. Got repetitive pretty quickly. Not a lot of tough shots. Maybe if I spent more time I would like it more but it was getting boring by the time my pie was ready.
10 months ago
I feel like the high rating this game has is from gnr fans more than actual pinball fans. I wasn’t that big of the play on this machine. Had a chance to grab one but decided against it.
11 months ago
1st pinball game I ever played. Love everything about this game. Will be adding it to my collection at some point.
11 months ago
Green monkeys...enough said.
11 months ago
Saw the ratings on this and kept my eyes open for one for sale in my area. Finally got one and am kind of disappointed. Game plays fast which is nice but the music gets annoying pretty quickly. The play is repetitive too. It’s all about the ramp shot. And the lack of anything in the middle makes for too many straight down the middle no chance to save balls. Will definitely be putting this one up for sale soon.
11 months ago
I bought this a few months ago and it's my first machine and I'm so glad I did. It has brought hours of fun to me and my friends. The call outs are great. I hear the Sorcerer mocking me in my sleep. I think the game plays smooth. I will def be keeping this one even after I add new ones to my collection.