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11 months ago
I feel this is a game that I need a LOT more time with. I've only played on location: less than 20 plays. You can definitely shoot around and make progress, but I didn't find it intiuitive. I love the theme. I love German beer. I should like this game more than I do... Artwork seems mixed between live models and artwork. I'll update when I get some more time on it.
11 months ago
I really wanted to love this game more. Some of the ground breaking technology with the projectors is truly impressive. I've only played it on location, and probably have 30 games total. Love the theme and the core modes (as I haven't made it to many of the wizard modes.) Bottom line: I don't like the shots. Very plain to me, without much satisfaction to making them (outside of making it in the mouth in a blue moon.)

Still, such a visually impressive machine. If money was no object, I'd have to have it... Call outs are fun. Love the retro graphics as well. I found the visuals more compelling than many new sterns.
1 year ago
My favorite game in college... I used to love hearing the "Earthshaker!!!!!!" call-out, but I could see that getting old in a home setting.

Decent amount of variation for the games of this age, but admittedly, it's a little low on unique gameplay out side of the fault that splits for the ball.
1 year ago
As my first pinball machine, this one will always be special for me. I love the variety and the rule set here. I really appreciated the depth of the game. As I got better, getting past the mini-wizard and ultimately Super Hero modes, it's very satisfying. (I just need to get to SH more often!) When you combine that with the call-outs and insults, it's really fun, particularly with new players not familiar with the game.

I feel lucky that this was my first. (Good choice on my end!)
1 year ago
I've had the game for about a week now, and I'm really loving it. (It doesn't hurt that this is my first NIB game.) I love the flow of the shots. It has a unique layout, and I'm still needing to have the routing of the ball become second nature to get my shots to the right flipper when I need it. I do enjoy some of the more difficult aspects: Soul Gem and the Tower that gives it some lasting power. Speaking of lasting power, I know I have a long way to go to mastering the rule set. I want to say it's even a bit overwhelming currently, particularly on how to leverage the bingo targets.

Update: 1.5 months into the game, I'm much more comfortable with the rule set and the shots. SUCH a great flow when things are hitting. I done minor tweaks to wire form alignment and auto-plunger to get it exactly where it performs very well. There is still work to be done with the trophy room as the default screen. But it's so amazing to have 6 balls on field with enough options to make shots and crazy points. I'm addicted...
This is .93 code so I'm HOPING they'll improve the call-outs, which is what I consider to be the only downside currently. They feel very scripted, and not a ton of fun outside of a couple insults. I wish they would do more of that. I'm also hoping they'll increase the inventory so it's not the same ones being called out.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the game and looking forward to years of play.