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67 days ago
Definitely one I would love to own. Great for quick games and the long game is really fun. Cool theme and the layout is really well done.
67 days ago
Played a good amount at my local arcade. Great game but compared to the premium or LE offerings it's a different game almost altogether. Still flows great and a fun shooter but lacking the magic spinner leaves a pretty plain pin with great music.
69 days ago
Stranger Things Pinball does not get near the credit it deserves. I understand there's a lot of hate with the whole "surprise DLC" with the UV kit but honestly I think that's kind of cool they did it. For the game is AWESOME! Seriously one of the best toy/ramp combos since AFM.
69 days ago
Played a lot of classic Monster Bash. It was never one of my favorites back then compared to MM and AFM but I always enjoyed a game or two. Going back and playing the Chicago Gaming remake at my local arcade and it's surprising how much better it is still gameplay wise compared to a lot of newer titles. Sometimes, less is more and this one has held up against time very well.
69 days ago
Man, I love DEADPOOL!

Easily one of Stern's most fun shooters. I love everything about this game. I had the chance to rent one for a month and it's one of my favorite all time pinball machines.
69 days ago
Stern nailed the theme on this one. If you're a fan of the classic Adam West Batman series (who isn't?!) this one is a winner.

The gameplay is above average but not much. It can' be pretty unforgiving on standard settings and frustrating for new players or not enjoyable but the long game is really fun and I appreciate the challenge.
69 days ago
One of my favorite JJP's I've played. Some really cool features, sadly I don't believe the phone app support is there anymore.

Great gameplay but the theme is a little confusing to me. Either way this is one I would love to add to my collection, I love it.
69 days ago
Playfield is way too crowded for my preferred playstyle. Beautiful artwork by Zombie Yeti and the theme is sweet. Still a pretty fun shooter and appeals to most people.
69 days ago
Played at FT Wayne pinball. Granted I didn't get to play too many games to learn the deep rule set I got enough to have an educated opinion. Aside from the rarity this game isn't really too much to write home about. Very tough for new players to learn what's going on. The artwork etc are top notch and some of JJP's finest.

It's a great game but for it to be some kind of holy grail (based on the silly prices) I'd say you could pass this one up and not miss too much. Dialed in is actually more fun than this imo.
70 days ago
One of the best.

Definitely one of my favorite pins, the rules are easy and clear. Great animations and some of the best shots in pinball.
71 days ago
It is the standard in which to beat. Medieval Madness has been and always will be my favorite machine.

The callouts, gameplay, toys and design haven't been beat in over 20+ years. It's that freaking good.
71 days ago
Steve Richie's best game to date. Between the amazing layout to the awesome code and animation, Led Zeppelin is easily one of the best pinball machines I've ever played.

For me, medieval madness has always been the standard for a game to beat. It's not nostalgia for me, MM is quite possibly the perfect pinball game.

Does this one beat it? Almost, but not quite.

From the layout, artwork, code and awesome animation Led Zeppelin has it all but at the end of the day it is a music pin where the code is tied to the music and it's front and center, if you don't like Led Zeppelin it could grow stale. For me, Zeppelin has been one of my all time favorite bands so this was a no brainer for me.

I've played the pro extensively and the premium. The premium and LE with the added electric magic spinner is the way to go. While people may not think the magic spinner is a big deal, it changes the entire playfield and is a lot of fun to start hitting. External sub woofer sounds epic here.

This game has serious replayability and once you get the shots flowing it's a BEAST. Multiball is one of the most fun I've played on a pinball both EM multi and Zeppelin Multi, both play totally different flows when activated and while I like Zep multiball the most my wife enjoys the magic spinner multi more.

It's pretty forgiving for newbies and the game playshots/combos are pretty tough for more serious players.

The artwork on the premium is for some people underwhelming and this is where I dinged it the most. The callouts and artwork are both "meh". Aside from these two small nit-picks I'd say Led Zeppelin premium is a winner.