pinball reflections

pinball reflections

By brenna98

January 25, 2019

22 days ago

Pinball Reflections

I’m now 5 years into pinball, and like most hobbies from the past, I became obsessed.  It’s fun applying my past experience from Auto-body and learning new skills like circuit board repair, schematic reading, and honing my artistic skills.  I ended up getting really good at it, to the point where people started hiring me to restore playfields and fix games.  At this point, I do far more restoration/repair than actually playing games.

In these few short years I have amassed way more games than I ever would have imaged starting out.  Funny how your tastes change over time.  At first I went after games in the top 100, that many regard as being “the best”.  That quickly amounted to lots of money invested in a handful of games.  Then I changed gears and started going after higher volume vs. high value:  early solid state, rare oddities, em’s and less expensive DMD’s.  This strategy got me lots of really fun games, many of which are incredibly rare and tons of fun to play.

During this time I’ve hosted several parties, gone to several shows and met tons of great people.  I even dabbled in the reproduction parts business.  I feel like a veteran at this point; where I have collected just about all the games I’ve ever wanted to own.  Perhaps I need a virtual pin to subdue the urge to buy more…

The pinball hobby has so many facets to engage people:  restoration, competition, buying/selling, comradery, ect.  I wonder what the next 5 years will be like for my pinball hobby…  I would really like to build a massive game room; perhaps rent it out for parties or start some kind of business?  Maybe I’ll get into competition.  Or maybe I’ll sell all but a handful to rotate.  Whatever the future holds, I hope it continues to be a hobby centered around fun.

Dave Brennan (brenna98)

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6 days ago
Nice. What's your favorite oddball game that you own?
1 day ago
How's the Aerobatics?

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