By brenna98

May 11, 2015

4 years ago

Pinball for me started in 2014. I saw a classified ad for a Bally Hotdoggin machine locally. I thought; why not.. Its cheap and I've always wanted a real arcade game since I was a little kid.

I got the machine home and everything worked and it was fun to play! Then I thought I would clean some things and replace a few bulbs. Upon lifting up the playfield, I understood what a light bulb was, but the rest of it looked very intimidating! I thought I was smart when I found the lamp test feature. I thought "this will be easy, just let them flash while I change them out". We'll I ended up frying the general illumination.

Then the research began. I quickly found this site and became a member. Then I used the map tool to see who was around my area.

I contacted the 2 people in my home town to see if they could help and they were glad to come lend a hand. Those same two people are still very good friends today!

The end of the Hotdoggin story was that I decided I didn't have the experience to fix, nor was it worth doing. I wanted something newer anyway. So, Hotdoggin went to craigslist and I bought a Theatre of Magic and Metallica pro shortly after.  

I've spent many hours researching games and learning how to fix them thanks to pinside and the people that post their years of knowledge. I now have 13 pins with plans to keep expanding until my house is at capacity.

It has and continues to be a very fun hobby/obsession for me and hopefully it will be a passion for a very long time!

- Dave Brennan (Brenna98)

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