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2 years ago
Amazing game! I would put this game up against any early solid state game from the 80’s for the best game play. It’s a shame more of them where not made due to Game Plan going under.

Roger Sharpe did a great job with the layout and rules: Hitting the drops and standups behind the drops are essential to big scores in this game. Completing one bank (or 2 depending on settings) lights the lock and advances regular bonus. The drop bank stays down until you complete the standups behind. When both banks are complete, the center standup lights to add to your “monster bonus”; which is an extra bonus that can only be advanced one increment when both banks of drops and standups are complete.

Completing drops and standups also lights a roaming extra ball, that moves around 6 different targets.

Multiball is achieved by a clean left spinner shot up to the top right kickout hole; which is not an easy shot when you need to hit it. During the 2 ball multiball, everything is 2X scoring, so staying alive and bashing drops is a good strategy here. If you have spinners lit for more points, that can also be a good strategy.

The captive ball advances the “eyes” inserts and is separate thing used for more points. It’s a tough long shot to aim for; usually advanced with help from the pops or by staying alive in multiball. Can be worth a lot if you advance far enough.

The pop bumper in place of the left slingshot really keeps you on your toes. Sometimes it can help by hitting drops, but mostly it adds to drains. Best strategy here is to hold the left flipper up when the ball is in that area.

The art is kinda campy, featuring 2 (plural) Cyclopes on the backglass that just destroyed a medieval village and kidnapped Roger Sharpe’s wife. You can see him riding to save her on a horse behind them. The playfield looks like their cave or lair where they imprison a collection of captured women.

Very rare game, so if you see one at a show, be sure to give it a few plays.
2 years ago
Robot is an awesome game! Who doesn't like evil robots from space? The theme is excellent and works very well with the "computer" voice callouts, weird space/sci-fi sounds and amazing artwork.
In general, Zaccaria did amazing things with art: Screen printed cabinets with amazing details not achievable with stencils, Printed thermoformed 3D art for the back box + art on the glass + neon in some examples, And amazing artwork on the playfield.
Playfields, by the way, held up very well due to the coatings used at the time.

Robot's rules and shots are straightforward and fun: Orange special advanced by drop targets for extra ball (or whatever you set it to). Red special is advanced by going up the bridge, raising the robot heads and hitting down; scores superbonus (or whatever it's set to) when completed. There is also a "timed special" (which is like a hurry up shot) lit when the drop target bank is completed. Robot also has a "ball save" when you complete the upper rollover lanes.

Robot and Zac's in general are rare in the US, so finding parts with art on them or game specific parts are near impossible. There are repro circuit boards and displays available, BGresto can make glasses and some parts can be substituted with US machines of similar era.

If you ever see one at a show, make sure to give it a try. You probably won't get another chance.
3 years ago
Classic system 11. Get multiball, hit the ramp for jackpot.
Seriously though; I fell in love with this game for the awesome artwork and sound. The game play is quite good too. Fairly simple rules on the surface. After watching some tutorials, there's a neat skill shot, a trick to completing the grid faster and other strategies in completing the planets. So, not just multiball and ramp..
The game is a drain monster, but if you can get a streak going; it's a blast to play.
3 years ago
I've been discovering more and more EM's I like, now that i'm getting better at fixing them.
Nip-it took me by surprise. First played it at Tom Taylor's during MGC. I really like how the zipper flippers add an extra element of skill to the game vs. standard. I was surprised it had multiball too, as I don't think many EMs do. Tom's gator wasn't working, but I could see how that would be a fun feature.
When I finally found one within driving distance, I knew I needed to make sure that gator mech was intact and working in addition to standard pre-sale check list. Well, it was there and kind worked... Once I got it home, It really just needed a good cleaning and a few parts to be back in business! The gator is a really fun toy that adds an interactive element to adding bonus points!
And brings me to the basic challenge of the game; bonus points. They're added when the ballygator eats a ball or from a left stand-up target. Bones points are collected 2 ways: You drain the ball or if you release multiball.
I can see why this game remains sought after among collectors.
3 years ago
I have restored 2 playfields for this and made reproduction aprons for it, so I’m a bit ashamed I don’t know the rules better… Absolutely beautiful art on the PF, BG and cabinet. The first female voice is cool, and what guy wouldn’t like sex noise sound effects… I’m willing to bet these were a major contributor to the high number of copies sold.
3 years ago
After hearing about how good this game is from @nicovolta, I kept my eyes open for one. I was lucky to find a copy in great shape, because it sat unworking for many years. Using some newly acquired volta-skills, it’s running great again! Fun and challenging game with drops, spinner and saucers to shoot for. Most notable feature is the outlane pops that keep things interesting. Love the John Dillinger theme!
3 years ago
Farfalla is definitely the most colorful Zac. I wouldn’t say the playfiled art is the best of for zaccaria, but that backglass has to be near the top. I’m not really into the hippy/love theme of the game, but it sure is attractive. The game also has lots to shoot for with multiple drop banks on the upper and lower PF. Rules are similar to most zac games: shoot the color target to advance that color towards a special.
3 years ago
Great classic Williams game with the first sold-state multiball. There were a boatload of these made, so finding one is easy and the price is still relatively affordable. Gameplay is simple: Hit the center targets to light locks, get multiball, shoot for ?, repeat. I installed the bootleg roms using the original 6 digit displays ( This adds a skill shot and some objectives to shoot for within multiball. If you choose to do this, Don’t forget the jumper mods, or it won’t work ( Also, if you’re feeling even more ambitious, there are instructions to convert to 7-digit and add even more objectives!
3 years ago
I never thought I would get the chance to buy this game, as it’s quite rare and sought after. I only played a partly working example once in person and on the pinball arcade app. I stumbled upon one by chance at an auction in better than decent shape. To my surprise it’s a very fun and additive game! I love the campy horror theme. Music/sounds are great. Gameplay has a bit more complexity to it than I initially thought. Too bad it didn’t come out a bit later to include a DMD… O well, still overall a great pin.
3 years ago
Great theme and fun/simple game. I never thought I would own a BTTF. I always thought this title seemed to sell for a higher price tag based on the cult following of the movies more than the game being good. I agree that it’s a simple linear ruleset with limited objectives, but it is still very fun with decent lastability. I really like how the art ties in all 3 movies, however it sucks MJF didn’t want to be a part of it : (
4 years ago
never been so sure on getting a NIB game!
I’m a fan of all eras of games.
This one has the 80’s look with modern tech.
Never have I saw such a great integration of sound, lighting and game play come together so well.
I also love how this game brings out the social aspect of pinball. Quick ball times, but that’s the idea. Who wants to stand around a 4-player game a watch one player crush it for 20min...
Can’t wait to get this game home!!

UPDATE: I’ve had this game in my collection for a couple weeks now and have put many plays on it; both solo and multiplayer. The game is crazy fast and keeps you on your toes the entire time. Figuring out a strategy that works for you is paramount to getting big points. Skill with ball control, fast reaction times and targeted shots are a must.
The build quality from Spooky is top notch: I see they have done extensive playfield durability testing to ensure they’re built to last. The cabinet is absolutely beautiful; I can tell they have much attention to detail when putting these together. I picked up my game in person and got a short tour of their facility. They are currently or in the process of making themselves vertically integrated as to further have control over quality. Also, customer support should be held as best-in-class to other pinball manufacturers.
I’m proud to support both Spooky and Scott Danesi.
4 years ago
Combat is a fantastic game! I would put this game up against any early solid state single-ball game. The speed is incredible; unlike any EM I’ve ever played. As with most Zaccaria’s, the artwork is absolutely stunning: Beautiful hand drawn playfield with vibrant colors, screen printed cabinet with an awesome battleship and nice backglass with explosion lighting effect.
The playfield features really tie in well with the WWII theme: Land mine field rollover buttons at the top and drop targets that are bombs which activate the backglass explosion.
I would call this a player’s game, because it takes quite a bit of skill to keep alive and score big. The saucer holes are key to lighting 10x bonus and lighting the pops for more points. Hit down all bomb drop targets to light extra ball/replay. The left saucer hole advances when you hit the yellow stand-up targets; but it’s a risk to send the ball into the Very active slings, which then send it towards the outlanes.
This is an incredibly rare game, so if you ever come across one at a show; do not pass it by.
4 years ago
Just finished shopping a Robo-War. What a fun game! The key is strong/clean flippers and just the right pitch (refer to the manual’s suggestion). The ramp should not be a gimmy every single time.
Don’t just go for multiball right away. Work those top rollovers and build up the multiplier before activating, that way your drop targets will be worth more within multiball.
I really like how 80’s this game is with the cool walking AT-ST like walking robots and the X-wing looking ships. The music and sounds are top notch for the era. The game play is fun, but I think passed over during the time for more advanced system 11 games. These 80-b games are now becoming more popular as collectors have seen and played the popular games and now must dig deeper to find something different. Funny how 5 years ago you couldn’t give away a Genesis, TX-Sector or Robo War. Wish I would have got ahead of the hype.
4 years ago
I had to have this game after playing at a show. The theme is done really well and the sounds are top notch. If you remember, the movie was a huge success and McDonolds hyped the crap out of it. It is the reason we have the McRib today!
The movie may have been forgotten and the sequel a flop, but the game is timeless. I love just about everything in this game: The flow is fast and fluid, the modes are fun and comical, love the smart ramp integrated into the apron, the bronto neck that spits the ball out is awesome!
Lighting is a small issue with this game. Luckily there loads of mods you can do: light up the bedrock houses, light up the bronto neck, light up the apron, pop bumper rings, spot lights for the rock crusher and I’m sure others.
The bowling within the game is a cool addition. I haven’t taken the time to actually focus on winning the bowling game. Looks like I have more to discover yet.
I would recommend this game to anyone! Recognizable theme, family friendly, and super fun.
4 years ago
C37 is a game I really liked right off the bat. Before I knew what it was, a friend had one that I got to try. Little did I know, I was playing one of the best wedge heads out there. I tried to buy my friend’s game, but he changes games like socks; so it was gone before I even had a chance. Luckily, I found an even better example later on from a very nice pinsider.
The rules and layout of this game are very well thought out. The ball just flows so well. The art is amazing! This game really could be a stand-alone game. I could see this as a piece of playable art that some rich guy would have in his house.
Many compare this to Atlantis, but the layout is really quite different. Why choose between them…I just bought both so they can be friends.
4 years ago
Goldeneye is one of those games that was overlooked, but now sought after. I haven’t figured out why yet, but this game plays better than other Segas’. It feels crisp like a modern stern. Shots are very smooth and if you like ramps, there are a lot of those shots.
This game is loaded with challenging modes, amazing sounds, SUPER FAST game play, nice graphics and display animations to complement the movie. I can’t believe I just stumbled upon getting this game! The only couple of gripes I hear about are problems with the magnet save between the flippers, and the cheap helicopter in the back left. Well, there are upgrades for the magnet board, but I still think this technology isn’t perfect by design…You’re asking a magnet to toss a ball up consistently; but I think the force generated spins in a circle to whip the ball. Sometimes it slings it up, to the side and down. So, cool innovation but not without faults. Hopefully someone will make a light up helicopter toy for a replacement one day…Maybe one representative to the actual eurocoptor tiger in the movie ; )
4 years ago
I just finished shopping Soccer Kings, so I haven’t had a ton of time on it; but so far so good.
The game plays fast and is easy to figure out: Hit down the drop targets to gain “kicks” at the goal on the upper playfield. Goals advance the red special target. ABC targets advance the Orange special. Rollovers activate “super scoring” for a short time.
Definitely the upper playfield is the coolest feature of the game. I like how they put in a moving blocker for the goal. It’s also neat that the upper playfield has an on-demand ball through; You don’t actually hit your ball up there. There are 4 balls in a through behind the goal; waiting in queue. The ball you hit into the upper hole just goes down a small subway and waits till you run out of kicks (displayed on a mini digit display).
The call-outs are a soccer announcer like you would hear on TV. The sound effects are unique; as most gen2 zaccaria games. The art on this game is more basic compared to other Zacs, but still nice a vibrant colors. I would compare this to Devil Riders: Not as cool of an art package, but a much better player.
4 years ago
TX Sector is a really nice 80’s theme game. Not very complex, but fun.
The highlight of this game is definitely the sound; among the best 80’s soundtracks for pinball. My favorite is the pop bumpers with the randomized sound effects. The next notable feature is the teleporting ball feature; pretty cool the first time you see it. The game layout is quite good with quick game play if you’re playing a freshly shopped example. The upper flipper is key to getting multiball, so it needs to be strong and smooth to make the ramp shot. The multiball is short lived, so it’s a challenge to collect the extra ball. As others have said, the art is awful on this game and the innovation compared to Bally and Williams of the same era is lacking. It’s easy to see this getting passed over in the arcade back then. I can’t seem to figure out WHY this game is getting SNOW much hype these days…maybe the rediscovery of what was once passed over.
4 years ago
I had 3 Centaurs and my house at one time. At first I didn’t know much about the game but became interested when a friend explained the objectives. I ended up borrowing my friend’s game for a short time to decide if it was worth spending the high dollar this title commands. I found out quickly that this game is the top dog of early Ballys! So, I searched for my own game and came across 2 within a week of each other. (one being shipped and one picked up locally) I figured I’ll keep whichever is better.
Such a cool game with unique artwork, awesome sound and great game play; no wonder they made it a 2nd time.
4 years ago
I recently had the pleasure of fully restoring a Fathom. I didn’t get too many games on it before the restoration because it didn’t work well when I got it. I knew it would be a good game from all the positive comments of others; so I just dove in with restoring the playfield and cabinet. It came out way better than expected and plays silky smooth! As expected, the game play is great all around. Rules are easy to understand, shots are challenging and multiball is rewarding. The artwork on this game has got to be among the top for Bally.
Since finishing my game, I’ve played others at shows. There is a huge difference in a player that isn’t tuned well and a minty example.
4 years ago
Zaccaria is definitely not a manufacturer to overlook. The art is leagues above any manufacturer; even by today’s standards. Time Machine is no exception; this game is beautiful to look at: Hand drawn playfield art, silk screened cabinet, printed thermoformed 3D art behind the backglass…Holy Crap! The game play on this is simple to understand: with the pop bumpers up; you’re in the future and hit the stand-up targets to advance. With the pop bumpers down; you’re in the past and hit the stand-up number targets to advance. O yeah…The F*ing pop bumpers move up and down!! This creates 2 playfields of sorts and it an awesome effect I’ve never seen in another game. The orbit ramp advances the multiplier and can be combo shot, if your flippers are aligned just right. Then, there are the orange green and red specials: These targets will get lit when you progress through the game; hit to cash in on some big points. Overall, the game play is simple but satisfying. O yeah, and the sounds are very unique, amongst its Bally-Williams-Stern-Gottlieb domestic friends, it stands out.
The down side to Zaccaria in general is the rarity. Many of the parts on these games are unobtainium; especially things with art. If you have the opportunity to buy one of these, make sure it has all of its parts.
4 years ago
Judge Dredd is another game I’ve played the crap out of. This is one of the best mode-based games with tons of shots, awesome flow, great rules, attractive art and very cool sound. If you want to become a better player, this game will help. The flipper gap on this game is a bit wider than normal, so you need to utilize your bounce pass skills and volley skills to keep alive. The ramps and orbit shots are lightning fast, and locks to the multiball are so creative. Just so many reasons to love this game. It seems to still be at an affordable price for the amount of game you get, but it seems these B titles are on the rise as A-list and new titles become more expensive.
4 years ago
Stargate: The very few negative things that people complain about are overwhelmingly made up for with incredible flow and rules of the game. Yes, the call-out to shoot the pyramid can get annoying. So...just hit the damn thing and you won't hear it so much! I also dinged my rating for the crappy GI Gottlieb used, but this seems common with other system 3 games. Not sure why they were so stingy with light bulbs…Good thing we have LEDs to make things better ; )
The rules and shots on this game are amazing. I especially like the 5 part combo shot. The modes are very fun and you can really score big if you can keep the multiball alive and actually hit what it wants. If you’re looking to become a better player, this complicated mode-based game will really challenge you. I remember studying a lengthy rule sheet to figure out what’s all going on. When I try to explain the rules to friends, it usually takes about 20 minutes and they usually get confused 5 minutes in.
At this point, I could say I’ve mastered the game; because I’ve been through all the modes 3 or 4 times in one game. keeps me coming back for more.
4 years ago
Skateball is a players game. Very fun shots and nice rules. If it's setup just right, you can really capitalize on building up the multiplier hole by knocking down the drops a few times. Then, when the ball pops out of the hole, hold up the right flipper to have it arch into the left inside-out lane for a shot right back into the hole. Easy to say, but tough to do. I love the artwork and layout of this game, it just flows so well! It has many similarities to Williams Flash, but Bally did a much better job with the upper right flipper placement. The outlanes, extra drop bank and mini flipper add more complexity and more to shoot for. By far, this is a superior game to Flash. Bally just had the unfortunate timing to release this game. I could see operators saying "why would I buy this when Flash is basically the same". Well...who knows what went down. Either way, great game. Glad it's finally getting some love with new plastics, backglass and playfield available.
4 years ago
Seawitch is a game I knew I would love just looking at the layout. I never even got the chance to play one until I fully restored one. I traded a fully working nice condition game for a project Seawitch. It needed everything gone through anyway; so I just did everything all at once.
This game plays amazingly fast with a clearcoated/waxed playfield!! The shots are well laid out. It's all about drop targets: hit down the 3 banks advance. The orbit shot isn't a gimmy; you need to be dead on to hit the spinner and loop all the way around. Very satisfying shot when it happens! Going around the left side (for me) is more luck than anything. The right flippers just don't seem to line up right for a clean shot to the left orbit.
Definitely one of the best early Stern's made.
4 years ago
Elvira is HOT. The game is excellent. I would defiantly place this within the top 5 of system 11 games.
The game play is fun and rules are easy to understand. I always say, a great game is one that is easy for a novice player to get something going, but hard enough for skilled players to keep coming back. This game has both!
4 years ago
Congo is a great game! Also one of my favorite movies. The game really does a nice job integrating the theme with the art, DMD animations, and toys. The sounds are amazing; even better with a subwoofer installed. I like that it doesn't necessarily have "modes", but hidden tasks that get unlocked as you advance through the game. Because of this, I don't really know how far i've actually gotten in the game. I'm still discovering new things. I had no idea there was a "super" skill shot to the kickback! Very cool.
4 years ago
FG is a mean game! Very tough to score big due to the very fast game play, close quarters (lower PF), and nasty outlanes. The art on this game is very attractive on the PF, BG and cabinet! I also love the sounds: very cool background sound and I love how the spinner changes tone as you advance through the game. I would not recommend this title for a novice player; it will just leave you frustrated.
4 years ago
This is a nostalgia game for many. I've determined that's the only reason it's sought after and demands a higher price tag.
I did not grow up with this game, so I don't have a bias opinion of the game.
I feel the game is basic in layout and rules. It's still fun for a few plays, but I can think of several other Ballys' of the same era I would rather have.
5 years ago
The #2 tri-playfield behind Elektra. I believe this is a desirable game among beginning collectors. It's defiantly cool that the ball physically moves between the playfields and that it has the inverted flippers and that it has "secret" passage ways to the lower PF.
The rules are quite simple and its fun for a quite a few plays. It lasted in my collection a bit longer than I expected, probably because I had it sitting next to Black Hole and I spread my time among many other titles.
I could see the novelty wearing off quickly in a small collection.
If you ever buy one. Make sure it's been gone through! System 80 is not for the novice repair tech.
5 years ago
I really loved Pharaoh! It stayed in my collection for quite a while and I played it a ton.
I didn't really want to sell it, but I had more pins coming in than going out; so...

The artwork on this game is really good. I always found it fun to point out the suggestive stuff in the backglass.
The gameplay rocked! It is a upper playfield heavy game, but the shots to get up there are satisfying. It's critical that the upper drops work correctly, or the game isn't worth playing.
Getting multi-ball gets easier over time, but keeping it alive and up is a challenge. I think the most satisfying is getting the extra ball. The target light to hit moves back and forth from upper and lower, so timing and accuracy is key.
I miss having it around.... But, some pinsider in IL is happy playing it now.
5 years ago
Lightning was a game I was really hoping would be better. I first played it at a show and had some fun, but their was beer involved and many other games to get to... Since then, I fell in love with early Sterns and decided I needed this one based on all the hype and my past experience.
I found a more than decent example, but realized quite quickly that this game was lacking.
I like the playfield artwork and cabinet artwork, but that's about it. As most will say, the BG art is bad.
As for the game play, as with most upper-playfields, the object is to stay in the upper and hit stuff. Good luck with those tiny flippers and no way to nudge your way back in play from the right side...
Then the bottom level has little to accomplish, unless you have already dropped the targets up top.
I also don't think it commands as much as people think they are worth. 1k is about the high end on this one. There are many more similar era games that have a higher fun factor.
5 years ago
Love this game!
Magic Castle is a beautiful machine with vibrant artwork all around. The sounds on a zaccaria gen2 are very weird compared to any other american made game; very eerie on this game in particular.
The gameplay on this can be very fast when you have strong flipper and a smooth playfield. The rules are simple enough to understand: hit the blue targets to advance toward the red special and orange ones to advance the orange special.
I'm still not sure why they put an 8 digit display in this game; because there is no way I'll ever get that 8th one to display anything but Zero.
The one bad thing I have to say about Zac's is the parts availability. Just about everything on this game is unobtainium! If you're ever looking to buy one, make sure it has all its parts!
6 years ago
Devil Riders is my first Zaccaria pin. As far as Zacs go, it’s probably the easiest to find, but in terms of overall pinball; it’s not that easily located. The game play is quite simple: hit the drop targets to drop the ramps, get to the upper playfield, rinse and repeat. Artwork is what makes Zaccaria’s awesome! Also, the sounds are very weird compared to any other American made pin. I like to think of them as Bally’s foreign cousin. I always tell people that come over, “just to see one is rare, to see one for sale is almost impossible”. So, if one of these ever comes to a pinball show, you should play it while you can.

update 7-1-2019, lowered score to a more realistic number. I ended up selling my game because the game play didn't too much to offer. Mostly, just get to the upper playfield. That said, I really did love the look and feel of this game. Wish I would have kept it.
6 years ago
I bought Atlantis because of the rarity and the hype placed upon it from Pinside members. They weren’t wrong. It’s a very cool theme and the artwork is fantastic! The rules are very system 11, which makes the goals easy to understand and the shots are challenging enough to give you that, one-more-game feeling. I love the controlled GI lamps that change color when you lock a ball or get multiball. My ownership of this title was very short lived, only because I basically turned it over to a good friend that has a collection the complements it more; and I still get to play it all the time!
6 years ago
Sorcerer is all about the artwork! I love the backglass and playfield art, very cool for the era. The 2-ball multiball was fairly easy to get, but I didn’t’ quite understand what to do once I had it… Score more points I guess. The sounds were cool for the first few plays, but then quickly got very repetitive, except for the spinner sounds. Overall, it’s a fun game to own for a while, but I believe it’s focused more on the art than game play. In a small collection, I don’t see this title lasting long.
6 years ago
Sure Shot was my first EM and it was a beauty! I loved the classic artwork and it looked great in my living room. The rules were simple: hit all the pool ball targets, and then chase the special.
I wouldn’t mind having it back again someday. Good thing I sold it to someone local.
6 years ago
WipeOut was a fun title for the short time it was in my collection. I do enjoy the Gottlieb system 3s…
This one is rare enough, and being that my first game ever was a bally Hottdoggin, this was the major upgrade of that theme.
The rules were simple and had plenty to shoot for. Perfect pin for a family game room.
I loved the funny call-outs the most. And the main toys (ski lift and ski hill) are really make the game unique. You don’t see this title come up for sale often, but it’s cheap enough and fun enough to give it a shot.
6 years ago
Elektra is a very complex title for the era! The rules and shots are quite challenging. I love the tri-playfield setup, where the lower playfield is a bonus round when you drain.
I’ve only been able to accomplish the 2-ball multiball a few times. It’s quite exciting, because it’s not easy to hit all the targets in order to enable the locks. I would compare this to the difficulty level of obtaining a multiball on Black Hole.
Love the sounds and voice on the machine or any machine around this era. My favorites are Elektra, Flash Gordon, and Vector with those cool background sounds and voices.
The trouble with this game is finding one with a good upper and lower playfield. The main playfield has a sheet of plexyglass over it, so it’s always good. The upper is a standard Bally finish, so it wears out quickly. I’ve seen the lower PF with and without mylar, but this naturally gets less play.
I can see why this title is a keeper for many collectors.
6 years ago
High Roller is one of the newer-rare games. It is defiantly the best casino/gambling pins i've ever played.
With the prototype roms, this game is very fast and can sometimes be a drain monster if you don't have it setup right. The roulette wheel and slot machine are very cool and this game looks stunning with LEDs installed.
You don't see them often, so when you do; give it a try.
6 years ago
Jungle lord is the least sought after Williams, upper playfield pins. Most of the scoring was achieved in the upper playfield and the bagatelle seemed to be more of luck than skill. The upper drop targets are the best/most challenging part of the game, were you need to knock them down before the time runs out. Overall, it’s still a fun game and can be found for cheap, compared to Black knight, pharaoh and solar fire.
6 years ago
Hotdoggin was my very first game. I played it many, many times; being that it was my only game. Thinking back, it had most of the typical features. Pop bumpers, drop targets, and a cool ball catch/save. The one I had was a player machine and was a great game to learn on, but found myself looking for titles with ramps, music and more fun features.
6 years ago
Waterworld is a fun - kinda rare DMD. I love the Gottlieb system 3's, for their price and reliability.
I loved the waterworld movie, so the theme was attractive to me. Once its shopped out, the game play is real fast and it tests your flipper skills and ball control.
The spinning ship that locks 4 balls is a fun toy. Not sure what the personal watercraft guy is doing on the left orbit.. Just an interactive toy I guess.
I wish the pop bumpers were a little closer together. That would make the ship a harder shot and would allow the pops to score more points.
The artwork for the backglass and cab are great, but the playfield lacks movie references. Its all cartoony, lacks detail, and just plain has wrong references on it. I don't remember any squid or hammerhead sharks in the movie at all. Maybe the guys at Gottlieb only watched the movie previews...
The callouts are good with the use of Dennis Hopper's voice, but the background music is kinda generic. It would be way cooler if they used music from the movie.
Overall, its a pretty good game. Not nearly as bad as some people's comments.

Note to raters: If you've never owned the game or played it for an extended period, please save your comments!
A review that says " I played it at a show once, did't like it." is not helpful!!!
6 years ago
I bought this game only after seeing a very nice one with LEDs. With some of the new innovations in lighting, you can really make this game pop! The artwork for the backglass and playfield are really cool.
I've kinda wanted an EM machine, but this is my compromise. I don't have the bells and reels, but its essentially the same game.
The rules are simple and the layout is nice. The two things I don't like are the unbalanced light plastic spinner and the always hungry outlanes. O, and also there is a post that constantly gets bashed to the left of the roto target. If it's bent, it will just send the ball straight down the middle when you hit rollover C.
6 years ago
I bought this game just because of the unique banana flippers. Then I later realized that I really like the simplicity of the game and the artwork.
I haven't taken the time to figure out all the rules yet, because I mostly spend my time trying not to let the ball drain down the out lanes.
I would probably get tired of it, if it was my only game; but in a collection it does well.
6 years ago
Saved this game from a basement of neglect.
I didn't have much draw to it when I played it at shows, but now that I have one all cleaned up and adjusted right; its a very fun game!
The rules are easy to understand. Hit the 1 2 3 drop targets, bash the meteor targets and rip the spinner. The shots are well laid out and can be challenging at times. I don't find the spinner a gimme shot; but that might be just me.
wracking up the points and multipliers is very satisfying, but the higher pitched noise at that level almost make you want to drain your ball on purpose.... Almost.
One of the better single level, older Stern games i've played.
6 years ago
This is a very fun a fast widebody game! The 3 multi-ball is one of the hardest accomplishments in pinball; and very exciting when it happens.
What I gathered from this game is that you need to wrack up multipliers and open the drain gate before entering the black hole. Then just stay in there as long as you can.
The downside is that the system 80 Gottlieb games need a lot more attention to get everything working right or you need to buy expensive aftermarket boards to fix issues. Either way, it is time consuming and can be expensive. I do not recommend this game to anyone new to pinball, unless all of the bulletproofing has already been done.
Overall, its a great game and I'll be keeping it around for a while.
6 years ago
I had the pleasure/pain of shopping and customizing this game for a fellow pinsider. First off, I do not believe it belongs on the "hardest to shop" list going around. Sure, a couple of ramps are a tight squeeze because of plastic placement, but not impossible. Sega put just about every feature they could think of on this one: Multiple ramps, Guard shack with trap door, phantom shark flipper, 6 player and fantastic light show! It also uses a giant wire form instead of a shooter lane, which really opens up the playfield to fit more things.
If Sega was going for the cheesy 90's feel, they nailed it! I watched the show sometimes, but it wasn't my favorite. So, the theme is what really takes away from the feel of this game in my opinion. Otherwise, it's a great game.
7 years ago
I picked up a Demolition Man from a guy’s pole barn/hunting lodge. Needless to say, it was filthy. I started shopping it out; and holy ramps!! This network of interconnected ramps and wire forms makes it very tedious to clean. Once it was done, they became the coolest part about the game. It’s a very fast playing wide body. Lots of great references to the movie (I didn’t see the 3 sea shells anyware) and voiceovers. The 2 captive ball targets are fun, where they integrated the retinal scan floating eyeball and the hotwheels car chase into the game. Also, the claw to select modes is fun and interactive. Lastly, the pistol grip flipper buttons are weird at first; but later I found them to provide greater control over the game. Not sure if this game is a long time keeper for me, but I will enjoy the time we have together while it lasts.
7 years ago
When I saw that a local retailer had Scared Stiff on their showroom floor, I had to go check it out; because I’ve never seen one in the wild. Needless to say, I ended up taking it home. This is a great theme for a game; Elvira is a perfect icon for pinball given her huge…eyes. The horror movie/comedy theme is well featured in the artwork, sounds, and animations. It’s really fun completing the tales of terror for a chance at the stiff-o-meter! I’ve only completed this twice, so it’s very exciting when I get high on the meter. The lighting is top notch, except for the globe flashers. I ended up putting my incandescent bulbs back in because I kept burning up LED’s. The back box is probably the most unique / interactive features of the game! Neat dimensional effect with layers and the interactive spinning spider for bonuses. This game will likely be in my collection for a while.
7 years ago
Theatre of Magic is the game that started my hobby/obsession with pinball. I had only played this on the pinball arcade app before buying and having it shipped to my house. It’s everything I hoped it would be. The flow and smoothness of this game is the best I’ve seen. This makes for very fast loops and lots of combos. Notable features are the trunk (obviously), the magnets for the ball save, trunk and spirit ring, the trap door, vanishing ball, and “floating” ball above the pop bumpers. The multiball is relatively easy to obtain but hard to keep; and the light show sequence upon startup is my favorite part of the game! I think the artwork and dmd animations are awesome (even better with a color DMD). Finally, the music and sounds are great; there is no mistaking what you’re supposed to shoot for next. Overall this game is fantastic; easy for anyone to start playing and have fun, but hard to be good at without practice.
7 years ago
Metallica is one of the games that just pulled me in and kept me coming back. I actually prefer the pro model over the premium and LE because the playfield feels less cluttered without that hammer blocking the main focal point of the game; Sparky! Mine has been upgraded with LEDs and it plays/flows very fast when cleaned and waxed. Stacking multiballs on this are very satisfying and makes for some fun tournaments. The music and sounds are probably the coolest part of the game, this machine is usually cranked louder than my other pins. The artwork is also top notch! I hope Stern keeps coming out with more music updates, because I think this one is staying in my collection for a while.
7 years ago
South Park is a fun and easy to understand game. This is probably why I see it a lot in bars. Which is also why most of these games are beat up when you see them for sale.
This is a great game for kids and non-pinball enthusiasts. The theme is really cool and highly recognizable (I think the show is in the 17th season now), but the game is limited to the early episodes (The fart noises get annoying after a while). The multiball is easy to obtain for a novice player and the interactive playfield toys (Kenny and the toilet) and easy shots make it fun.
7 years ago
Love this game! I first played at a pinsider’s house; who had a massive collection. This was the one game he would never sell; and he had all the A-list titles. So, I had to have one. I love the unique shots! The ball lock at the top by the catapult is the most challenging and the shot to hit the ball lock under the flipper is really cool. The music and sounds are my favorite! The 80’s sounding music goes great with the kinda cheesy artwork; I think it fits well. The dragon taunts are cool too. Then there is the crazy industrial shaker motor!! It’s much stronger than any other shaker I’ve seen and I think it adds to the already unique game. O, and one last thing. The speed of this game is really fast; so a 3 ball multiball is more than enough to keep track of; especially with the two flipper areas on the playfield. I don’t see this game leaving my collection any time soon.