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3 years ago
Used to own this one. .it was OK but nothing crazy fun ..i wish i would have keep it since i got it for free but something smoked in it and my girl freaked and down the road it went. .would have been worth fixing I'm sure. Hard to find fun in older games with the deepness of newer ones honestly. .
3 years ago
I own it and personally don't feel like I'll ever get tired of it. .the whole family loves it and everyone who visits really digs it. I know it will get even better when the software is complete but even at the latest version it is a blast to play.
3 years ago
I remember this one from an arcade at Florence mall in northern Kentucky called TILT... it is a huge game played with what I think was a rubber quick that Total novelty..but I remember that same arcade had The Addams Family and Twlight Zone when they first came out so you could walk by and look at Hercules when you played the fun games...
4 years ago
Haven't played this one in a long while. .i was 8 when this came out and i remember playing it allot in my aunt and uncles bar. was fun when i was younger and i remember having to lock the mutliball section which was cool back then but i would have to give it some play time now to see what i think
4 years ago
Wow. ..the flow of this machine is great. .plays really smooth
4 years ago
After playing this at Louisville arcade expo it may be my first nib pin. .i may change my rating after getting in deeper but i feel it has deep play and lasting appeal
4 years ago
Played this quite a bit when it came out. .this one reminds me of twilight seems they were out around the same time. .they were at the same arcade i played at at least.
4 years ago
Own it, like it, the whole family from 5yrs old to adults enjoy the game.