Artist, Illustrator, Pinhead

Artist, Illustrator, Pinhead

By BradAlbright

December 22, 2018

26 days ago

Freelance illustrator and gallery artist, based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. 

Specializing in line-art illustration, OldSchool 3D poster art with red/blue glasses (anaglyphs), merch design, and pop-culture licensing, I’ve enjoyed 10 years of full-time corporate art and design experience working with leading brands and entertainment license. In March 2018 I celebrated giving up the day job and went fully independent, creating fresh art during the workweek and venturing out on weekends to sell at pop up shows, festivals, galleries, and community events!

I’ve loved pinball from an early age, Addams Family and parent’s college reunion bars largely responsible for sucking me in. And now that I set my own hours, I’ve been able to enjoy regular mid-day outings to get some quality pinball time. Little space or budget to bring any into the home, but thankfully there’s no shortage of barcades in the DFW area.

I’m currently collaborating with @rotordave on his Led Zeppelin retheme of Bally’s Freedom (1976).

Partner galleries include Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles), Zapow (Asheville, NC), and Kettle Art (Dallas, TX).

Come see me at Texas Pinball Fest 2019, where I will be exhibiting inside the main hall!

Instagram @BradAlbright | Portfolio | Etsy Shop | Facebook 

Story photos

EDF10487-1DA4-44DE-9F8E-A8A49E89738F (resized).jpeg
C7E3D24F-FCEB-42B3-BD1B-1CEC74E23980 (resized).jpeg
D25A1497-E233-43E8-B2BE-012EF795A1E9 (resized).jpeg
BDA8AF60-3F76-4C4B-B638-6B92C023D592 (resized).jpeg
14755894-F41C-4464-8914-808BC9BFEB68 (resized).jpeg
1D515A6F-6CCA-4A5A-A0E5-E65AD1CA047A (resized).jpeg
2B3C5A01-3089-4F51-B843-5343A61CB083 (resized).jpeg
F8D85E94-086C-47C2-831B-728CA2BB19A1 (resized).jpeg
36B1A50F-F350-4280-B323-3A05555126B3 (resized).jpeg
704E418B-A107-4754-921E-76604981A552 (resized).jpeg
C4C8B7A5-7594-43D0-89BA-BDFC2E8A1DF5 (resized).jpeg
2C34679C-5376-4758-B7EF-C62E8E1D3671 (resized).jpeg
3961A718-AF22-4A37-94E9-0859E5B8CF6E (resized).jpeg
10958DCA-89EC-4011-9C67-50294D2A8D09 (resized).jpeg


16 days ago
Very nice work, Brad, and it is cool that you will be at TPF! I especially like the Dallas amphitheater (ala Starplex) piece :)
16 days ago
dig your artwork Brad!!
10 days ago
Hi Brad,

Nice artwork. I'll be at TPF, too. Hope we can cross paths.

Ryan Claytor

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