Pinball full circle.

By Bostonbuzz

May 03, 2013

9 years ago

Rediscovered my zeal for pinball back in 2003 after playing some video game pinball at home. Did a pinball machine search online and found machines for sale everywhere. Bought my first pin, a Williams EM Luckyace, that same year and have been collecting, playing, fixing, and selling ever since.

In my youth back in the 60's I spent many hours and coinage at the local bowling alleys and pinball parlors playing the silver ball. Got away from pinball after that, life kind of takes over at that point, but still managed to play a bit here and there into the early 90's. At that point I got into video games and from there back into real pinball now with my own home gameroom collection and loving it! I would say I've come full circle.

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