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3 years ago
Just purchased a Premium and updated the game code. Whether or not a fan of Iron Maiden makes no difference this pin is fantastic. Well thought out play field with great flow. IMO one of Stern's all time best!
4 years ago
My ratings are based on the AFM Remake SE. If you liked the original you'll fully appreciate the fantastic upgrades to the SE like the amped up sound system, metal flying saucers, larger color dot matrix panel, color changing speaker surrounds, along with the tri-colored changing main saucer lamps. The game is wide open shooting mayhem.

Great game gets even greater!
8 years ago
I'm rating this pin on my somewhat limited play time on a pin that's not 100% coded. I must say that even as the pin is now it is a fantastic playing and visually stimulating machine. The pin is a real work of art both in design and function that will only get better as the code evolves and is updated. Great theme, great pin all around.
12 years ago
A 'late to the party' Williams Classic. Great fun. The light show and audio are both top notch. Ample variation of modes and shots to be made. The slam ramp to upper playfield shot is especially rewarding and sweet. The spinning playfield disc is cool. Those pesky Gofers are a couple of real wise guys. I cannot find much if anything that detracts from the spot on game-play. Some may get annoyed by the Gofers constant tauntings. For me, I say, bring it on!