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18 days ago
This game is a blast! So many shots! Artwork is awesome! I'm not a big Foo fan but the music and call outs work wonderfully! Kiddo and neighbors love it.
5 months ago
I've had the game in the house for a a couple minths now. Code is in infant stage but still has some fun multiballs. Shots are fun and can hit some crazy fast combos. Love the theme and the artwork matches the theme. Better looking in person. Bond theme song constantly plays until you Start a mode but keeps you in the Bond world.
Code continues to get better!
8 months ago
One of the few games that I will walk by with no interest to play even on free play. To start the game it sounds like when you play horrible on guitar hero with just crap instrument noise. The skill shot plung is crazy boring. The light show is crazy awesome but sometimes it makes it too hard to pick out where to shoot for the mode. The sound and videos are great.
8 months ago
This game is a blast! The drums and animal sounds are awesome. I love the 2 playfield areas and multi balls. The art is hilarious and the green lizard head above the upper playfield is perfect. Double magna saves but you need skill to use them as they don't just stop the ball.
10 months ago
Freaking fun! Love the theme. Honestly havnt noticed the wide middle gap as most of my drains are side drains.
Color dmd really adds to the game as does mudflaps music code mod.
1 year ago
I mean come on... 2 games in one! Game is on the dark side off things but it fits the theme. I've honestly never seen the movies but this game is really fun. I love the wide body! Sounds and graphics are awesome. Neighbor has one and I really enjoy playing it. Still havnt figured out all the rules bit I enjoy playing it even not knowing them.
1 year ago
Top of my want list! What a fun game! For those deep game people this will bore you after a few games. But for me it's great! Kids love it! The call outs are hilarious! The shots are fun! CgC really added to the game with they color dmd and better graphics. Crazy high scoring game. Crazy hard to find one for sale as folks keep em once they have em.
1 year ago
Not a cell phone themed game! More of a disaster theme. That's what I thought for a long while. But was looking to add a JJP to my house and seemed like a good priced game. Really enjoyed it and the kids loved it. Lots of fun modes and the sound and graphics was top notch. Would have kept it but a Hobbit came up and wanted to try a wide body pin.
Really has some smooth shots and great flow. Le has a great light show.
Definitely on thr list of would get it again for sure!
1 year ago
My goodness! The sound and theme integration on this game is like being in a fancy movie theater! I happen to enjoy the hobbit movies which add to the enjoyment of the game. The wide body really fits with the theme. Love the pop up heads which adds to the playfield and makes shots a good bit harder. Only had the game for a week but I'm loving so far as are my kids and wife. Still don't get the top 3rd flipper as it doesn't seem to have "a special shot" from it but it comes in handy. I have the regular LE and like the side art the best on this one (different on every side). The call outs are great. The addition of scorbit is great. I only have 2 games (wonka SE) and is great in a small collection as there is so much to do (30+ modes). It's definitely not a tournament game which is why I think I love it so much.
Finally figuring out the ring button and all the ways it is used!
1 year ago
What an awesome game with the 2.0 update and now with scorbit! Just picked this game up a week ago and love it. Finally a game that uses all the movie assessets (unlike stern JP). The game play is fun bit also frustrating. The lights are crazy but also needs pinstadiums. Soooo much going on and the call oit help is great as you learn the game. Not one that you'll get 100 mil on. I'm stuck at 10 mil hahaha. Kids love it. It would be a pricey one to learn in a pay per play arcade but at home is great. Went with the tilt topper.
1 year ago
This game is a blast! All the shots are satisfying and keeps me coming back for more. Not a crazy deep rule set which I love. Tired of the new games with 30 some pages of rules (my memory cells can't handle all of that anymore). My wife and kids love it! The artwork is awesome! The big color display is freaking awesome! Upgraded sound with the speaker lights are really nice. All the toys are fantastic! I love the color changing gi leds. I did add pinstadiums and the uv flasher is nuts with the reactive art/paint. I really can't see this one leaving the house. Will say the music can get a bit repetitive but it's not horrible. Just added an external sub and wow! This thing booms!
Thought it would bnever leave but after a few months it got pretty repetitive and left. Probably would be great in more then a 2 machine collection.
1 year ago
Just picked this up yesterday and have really been enjoying it. It's a fun theme and the call outs are hilarious! The corkscrew ball lock and then multiball is a lot of fun, great light show. The shots are a lot of fun and satisfying. It's a low scoring game so for those spoiled with an easy billion on many games will be disappointed. It's a bit slower than most games but then surprises you when the magnets grab the ball and slings it. Love the center post.
2 years ago
Great game!
Love the upside down mode.
The Cleland code is fantastic!
Bummer you have to buy the uv kit even when you have the premium.
2 years ago
I'm really enjoying this game. I added in the 1987 code which adds some to the game with a throwback to the old cartoon and video games.
The pizza spinner is fun and ads some additional variance to the game.
Art blades and pinstadiums really help make the game pop.
Love the co-op and vs options! Really add to it when you have friends over.
I stink at it but still love playing it as do my kids and their friends.
2 years ago
After day one of this being in my house the neighbors and I are really enjoying it. Thr rules are some 50 pages long, so that will take time to learn but your still able to just jump on and have fun. The magnet lock ramp is pretty cool.
2 years ago
This is definitely not a 1 person game, although you can play it by yourself. But what a blast to play against someone! The calls out are great. I love the boo/trash talk button as the pitcher. The art work is hilarious and I keep picking up more jokes they represent ask I look at it more. The winning baseball cards is fantastic and has my son and all the kids in the neighborhood going crazy over it. Absolutely love it!
2 years ago
Neighbor just picked one up and it's a blast with a group. I can see why some folks wouldn't think it's fun but its not a one player game and not a traditional pinball. A lot of fun and the call outs are hilarious. Funny how there is a setting for cussing or not. It remembers each players stats too.
2 years ago
Really fun game! Golly does it rumble! Lighting is great and the Lazer mode is awesome. Lots of different mulitballs which I love. Wish I could see the pop bumpers a little better but doesn't really mess with you. Alot of different modes/missions. But feel like the main goal is to just shoot the ship over and over.
2 years ago
neighbor just picked up this game and I've been able to play it a few times. The drag race toy is fun. The middle of the field is a bit dark but with some spotlights or pinstadium lights that will be good. The flow of the game is fun.
3 years ago
Fun game! Zz top music is awesome. Love the super charger and the video part is fun too! Neighbor just got the game and I'm really enjoying it.
3 years ago
Love it! T-rex eating the ball?!?!?! Crazy fun! Love all the different multi-balls. Put in Chad's code which has made a lot more fun. Add some pinstadium lights and wow! The playfield really pops!
3 years ago
My first at home pin. It's fun but can be brutal with no ball save.
Kids enjoy it as do friends when they come to play.
3 years ago
hate the video mode.

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