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1 year ago
I desperately wanted to love this game (my family are huge Simpsons fans), but couldn’t. I had a very nice HUO example that we got just before quarantine and put a lot of games on it after a full shop.

This game is all about the garage shot and making it is really annoying. The side ramp shot is harder than it needs to be because the playfield is so busy it’s hard to see the ball coming and time it. And the constant hurry up, annoying.

New players walking up to the game require 10 mins of explanation to get a decent score.

Bottom line: this game is very nice looking and has a great theme, but it just isn’t fun.
1 year ago
I have big guns set up next to some A decks: Addams, theater of magic, monster bash. Big Guns gets played and it gets played a lot. It’s a simple game but it’s fun and fast. You don’t have to have amazing live catch skills or watch 5 YouTube tutorials to get a score. It’s simple and fun. Multiball is easy to get and frantic. The upper playfield has a ton of targets and objectives crammed into it. And the backbox makes this thing a centerpiece.

The other thing about this game, and this isn’t reflected in the ratings, is that it’s dead reliable. It’s a single layer so it’s easy to strip, wax, and service. It doesn’t have complicated mechs or a bunch of one-off parts.

Should it be your only machine? Probably not. Is it fun, fast, simple, reliable, and affordable? Yes to all of that. Go grab yourself a big guns and save the Queen.
1 year ago
This game is just the best. My whole family loves it. Wizard mode is attainable by mere mortals but still challenging. Awesome music, humor, great flow, and just plain fun. There’s a reason it’s a classic!
2 years ago
Played this game at a fellow pinsider’s house and I was really impressed by it.

The rule set is refreshingly simple, especially for a modern pin. No crazy modes to choose, no complex sequence to YouTube in advance...just melt down those reactors!

The integration of the theme, music, lights, and flow is outstanding. This game rewards skill and punishes flailing, missed shots. Definitely a great one to own, as you will have to put the plays in to get a score. Fast ball times for the casual player are likely so I wouldn’t expect this to be a big earner on route. I just love the mechanical multiball, a throwback to centaur!

Some of the best lighting effects I’ve seen in any pin- really artful use of the RGBs. Find one near you, strap on your Walkman, take a deep breath and hit that hands free skill shot!
2 years ago
Maybe I haven't played one that's well set up, but I just find TZ to be confusing and dark. The upper magnet playfield and gumball are super cool, but as a casual player walking up to the machine, the objectives aren't clear and it's hard to track the ball in a dimly lit bar. Maybe if I owned this machine and could dig into the rules I'd like it better.
2 years ago
This is just a fun game. It's easy to walk up to it and play. The machine will guide you through objectives, there isn't a ton of doesn't have some crazy, deep complicated ruleset that you have to have mastered by watching a hundred youtube videos to post a good score.

Family friendly theme that is masterfully the gobstopper toy. For kids of the 70s and 80s it is nostalgic without feeling old.

This is one of the few modern machines I'd like to own someday.
2 years ago
This is a really fun game to play 3 or 4 times with a group of friends at a bar. It's challenging and fast, with perfect music and callouts. The knight toy with the rotating mace is really unique, fun, and intimidating.

This is one of the few games actually gets my heart rate up!

All that said, I don't get a "one more game" vibe from this plays fast and drains fast, and it's just running 10/10 the whole time. But I always put a few quarters in when I see it.
2 years ago
Really fun game for all wife, kids, friends, dad...everyone just loves to play this game. What else is there, really?
This has some really innovative stuff like the thing flip, the thing toy, and the under playfield magnets. The lighting isn't great but that's easily remedied with some light modding.

With some mods like colordmd, LEDs with LEDOCD boards, titan rubbers and freshly rebuilt flippers, this game comes alive. As a bonus - parts are easy to find and the machine seems to hold its value well.

Absolutely love the callouts, and has maybe the best multiball start in all of pinball. "Now you've done it!"

This will be a staple in my small collection for a long time to come.
2 years ago
I've had this game for over a year. It's set up next to more modern pins. Experienced pinheads, casual players, kids, adults...everyone loves this game. It's just simply fun, and also challenging. Getting 100k+ points is difficult and satisfying.

It's awesome to have pinhead friends over for mini tournaments and be able to have 4 players, just like a modern game.

With 10 drops the game really rewards precise aiming. The chimes and sounds are beautiful. The plunge for B skill shot is challenging and super important, just like a skill shot should be. I hit it maybe 60% of the time.

even though the rules are simple, there is still room to vary your approach a bit. I go for the monkeys, my 8 year old just goes for the 5k point kickouts. He wins often.

Everyone should have an EM in their collection, and if you're gonna have one, JQ is a great choice.
2 years ago
This is a challenging game that has some real subtlety to the rule set. For example, advancing planets is best accomplished on ball one because each planet will give you a bonus on drain, meaning you could get 4 or even 5X the planet bonus with extra balls. The skill shot is great, the sound and theming are extremely well done, and with lit up posts and leds, this game is an absolute blast in a dark room.
The outline drains are hungry but the game rewards nudging and if you put in the plays, pinbot will reward you by making you a better player.
Probably not the best choice if you’re only gonna have one game because of the difficulty...could be frustrating for a casual walk up and play scenario with guests coming over to play. But in a small collection of 3 games or more, it’s a great one to own.
(As a bonus, the game is pretty easy to strip down and work on, even the central chest target mechanism.)