1st Pinball Machine

By borillo

May 05, 2024

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22 days ago

I attended my 1st pinball show today.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  I was looking for 2 specific machines (STARS and Star Trek), but neither one was for sale.  I bought an immaculate 1980 Williams Blackout machine which is still in my rental van.  My kids are coming over tomorrow to take it out of the van and then I'm hiring someone to move it into my basement and set it up.  One thing I have realized is that pinball machines are really heavy.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying out my new machine.  

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15 days ago

Blackout is a fantastic game, congrats!

14 days ago

Good idea hiring someone to move it downstairs. I guess there is some kind of dolly to do that. I have never played blackout but it sounds like a good one to start with. You picked a good way to buy the game, too. Conventions make it easy. We have a convention coming up in the Northwest soon. If I see a Blackout there, I am definitely checking it out. Have fun with your game.

7 days ago

Fantastic and congrats! Beware machines start multiplying like Tribbles and before you know it you are out of space (and money LOL). But seriously, it is a great hobby, and caring for older machines is a big part of the fun for me.

7 days ago

awesome! I'm sure we went to the same show -- ordered a new jaws, but have no idea what to expect on weight / ease to move!! yikes! Ive got lots to think about!! Congrats on the purchase!!

3 days ago

Cool.. welcome to the rabbit hole.

2 days ago

They make dollies that can walk up and down stairs. Escalara is one brand, but there are others. They are not cheap, but some places rent them. I was able to rent one and move 7 machines down from the third floor by myself the last time I moved. Was not fun, but not impossible. Just something to think about if (when) your collection grows. Congrats on your first!

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