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15:13:15 Made post #413 in topic EV Official 2020 Texas Pinball Festival Thread

15:04:49 Unlocked Pinside achievement Old Timer 1 (Be active on Pinside for over 3 years)



Thumbed up 2 forum posts in topic STN The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

16:25:44 Thumbed up post #3863 by PinballManiac40

16:07:53 Thumbed up post #3836 by Coz



17:33:57 Added a location to the pinball map Cinemark Abilene and XD (Abilene, TX)


14:21:37 Unlocked Pinside achievement Poll Participant (Participate in a poll)

14:21:06 Unlocked Pinside achievement Pinside Birthday (Be active on Pinside for 1 year)


Thumbed up 2 forum posts in topic STN Sterns My Little Pony pinball machine speculation thread.

23:08:37 Thumbed up post #48 by Frippertron

23:07:26 Thumbed up post #20 by PinSinner

23:06:49 Made post #1920 in topic STN Iron Maiden Revealed


15:30:08 Added a location to the pinball map Potter's Pizza (Abilene, TX)

15:29:16 Added a location to the pinball map PrimeTime Family Entertainment Center (Abilene, TX)


15:30:30 Edited map location Choctaw Casino & Resort - Durant (Durant, OK)

15:29:44 Unlocked Pinside achievement On the Map (Add a location)

15:29:44 Added a location to the pinball map Choctaw Casino & Resort - Durant (Durant, OK)

15:25:05 Edited map location Cactus Jack's (Oklahoma City, OK)


01:58:41 Unlocked Pinside achievement Green Thumb 1 (Be the first to thumb up a post that eventually receives 10+ thumb ups)

01:58:41 Thumbed up post #18 by Atomicboy in topic ALL WWE - How many were really made?


05:49:27 Made post #25 in topic STN Ghostbusters Code


Thumbed up 2 forum posts and down 1 forum post in topic ALL What do you think is the best looking pinball machine?

20:35:05 Thumbed down post #76 by TheLaw

20:34:43 Thumbed up post #72 by TopMoose

20:32:51 Thumbed up post #11 by Chambahz

20:29:53 Made post #7 in topic TDM Power Usage Of 90's Bally/William Pins


Made 2 forum posts in topic ALL “Pinball Designers... Please listen!”

21:52:45 Post #73

21:45:27 Post #72

Thumbed up 2 forum posts in topic ALL Pinball Designers... Please listen!

21:34:38 Thumbed up post #16 by woody76

21:32:40 Thumbed up post #5 by Eskaybee


22:33:53 Thumbed up post #7 by doublestack in topic STN Stern Bashing. Justified?


03:12:58 Thumbed up post #3 by bingopodcast in topic ALL IPDB is offline - Hurricane Harvey


05:49:03 Edited map location Nickelrama @ Firewheel (Garland, TX)

05:46:03 Commented on a story Bishop Cidercade

05:43:22 Edited map location Bishop Cidercade (Dallas, TX)



Thumbed up 3 forum posts in topic ALL OFFICIAL Star Wars GAMEPLAY VIDEO and OPINION Section

23:57:08 Thumbed up post #5 by Potatoloco

23:57:06 Thumbed up post #4 by Yoko2una

23:56:59 Thumbed up post #3 by KLR2014


14:07:35 Unlocked Pinside achievement Thumbed! (Get a thumbs up)


02:01:23 Unlocked Pinside achievement Good Pinsider 1 (Don't get moderated for 1 month while being active)

02:01:23 Unlocked Pinside achievement Lounging Around (Make a post in a lounge topic)

02:01:23 Unlocked Pinside achievement First Post (Create your first forum post)

02:01:22 Made post #155 in topic O/T Games everyone loves but you hate

01:56:19 Thumbed up post #19 by Rum-Z in topic O/T Games everyone loves but you hate


03:45:39 Thumbed down post #2428 by tatman9999 in topic STN Stern Announces Star Wars Pinball


00:47:12 Thumbed up post #28 by pookycade in topic ALL Why do we love "Hand-drawn" art?

00:35:37 Thumbed up post #2 by Gryszzz in topic ALL Why people are loving playing in total darkness?


03:25:22 Thumbed up post #269 by SUPERBEE in topic PLT HARDEST shot in Pinball???

03:23:19 Unlocked Pinside achievement Missing out (Having multiple breaks from Pinside)


Thumbed up 2 forum posts in topic STN New AC/DC finally revealed

05:21:39 Thumbed up post #263 by Gryszzz

05:08:57 Thumbed up post #54 by jgentry


05:38:07 Unlocked Pinside achievement On a break (Don't visit Pinside for at least a day)


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