Where do I drop the ball in?

By Bohemian1966

August 15, 2019

69 days ago

My daughters boyfriend came over before leaving for college. We had BAD CATS up and purring and asked him if he had ever played pinball before. "Of course!"

He manages the play button on the front but then just stares at it. "Where do I drop the ball in?"

The plunger in the front... he presses it ike a button. 

Pull on it... third times a charm.

He watches it as it plunges through the paddles. "How do I make the thingies move?"  

Thankfully my daughter steps in and takes over the lesson at this point sparing us both further discomfort. An hour later and she has to pry him off of it. 

I was encouraged to hear that he was looking for a place near his college in Chicacgo that has pinballs to play.

Our goal... expose as many as we can to the wonderful world of pinball !

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29 days ago
It's great to introduce people to pinball. If he really gets into the hobby, he may eventually realize what a rare and interesting game Bad Cats is. It is the ONLY system 11 game I have never played.
23 days ago
My next-door neighbor's kids could not figure out what I was dragging into my basement, but I told them it was a game from my teen years and promised them both that they would get to play it one day. A year later and I finally got my Williams Big Deal (1977) in place, fired up and working. They are both hooked and love stopping over (with Papi's permission, of course) for a quick competition set. I think Papi needs to come over some day too......Thanks to everyone here at Pinside for helping me out with some of the basics.
20 days ago
Haha! Dude people are always like .. How do I launch the ball, and then ALWAYS hit "Start" which adds another player.. face palm. Anywho, Reminds me of this...


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