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1 year ago
This game is always a lot of fun. The upward helix at the beginning is always a challenge to maximize points, and the PinBot "contraption" is very memorable and unique. I really like the theming, and it's very unique and has that "futuristic from the past" vibe. This game doesn't necessarily hold up to modern pins, but is a classic none the less and is always a highlight of any location.
1 year ago
I find this game to be very addictive, even though I'm not really into the theme. The ball elevator is very unique and memorable in pinball, and a lot of fun to cycle through the various stages. The upper playfield is also a lot of fun. The original lighting scheme is very dim, but when upgraded with LEDs, it comes back to life and stands up well to more modern pins. Fun to play!
1 year ago
I generally like this game, but do find it somewhat difficult and not always fun to play. There are plenty of toys / features on this pin to make it engaging. The ruleset is a bit confusing at first, but I was able to get the hang of things after about a dozen rounds. The magnetic effects near the flippers is cool but can be unnecessarily brutal, causing the ball to go flying in unrecoverable directions. Slimer is definitely fun to hit, and I like the motion that is added on the Premium / LE. I wish this game were a bit less difficult and more fun and approachable. Still on my list to hit up when I see it on location.
1 year ago
I think my expectations were too high for this pin. The theme was spot on, but the execution left a bit to be desired. I've found this pin difficult to have fun playing. The ruleset was initially a bit confusing, and I've never really figured out a strategy. The playfield feels bare and open. The Premium / LE do a nice job of adding the lower ramp and the exploding Death Star, but those still leave a pretty barren center of the game. The Tie Fighter on a spring also doesn't really do it for me. I'll definitely play this on location, but usually give up after a round or two.
1 year ago
This game flows really well, and has a straightforward yet sufficiently deep rule-set. The lighting effects are great, and the use of RGB LEDs is impressive, especially for the year it was released. I'm not crazy about the artwork, but this could be due to theming. I would have honestly preferred a classic Star Trek pin from a theme perspective, but understand that the most recent cast and franchise entry probably appeals to a broader audience. The game does feel a bit "bare", and could use a few more toys. The main ship is very satisfying to hit, but I think it would be fun to include a Klingon Bird of Prey or other ships from the movie. The metal "asteroids" don't really stand out. Overall, fun to play and always on my list for a few rounds.
1 year ago
Every time I see this game on location, I have to play at least a few rounds. Very approachable for novice players, but still adds some difficulty to get to every country. The lighting on the remake is intentionally designed to replicate the effect of incandescent lights, but I would prefer a setting to make the lighting more vibrant (it looks a bit dull compared to other modern pins). The artwork is unique and fun. The playfield flows very nicely, with very satisfying shots, especially the UFO. Overall a fun pin to play.
1 year ago
I'm a proud owner of the Limited Edition, and couldn't be happier with my purchase. I've only been playing the game for a few days, but I'm finding it hard to find something I don't like about it.

The theme is fantastic, and is a great game for the whole family to play. It certainly is 80's / 90's nostalgia, but even my kids are totally into the theme. The artwork and lighting are fantastic, colorful, and really stand out compared to other games. The powder coat green trim on the LE really makes the whole art package pop, and the mirrored backglass adds a nice touch of quality. I was impressed at the number of features included in the Pro model as standard (metal ramps and wire frames as an example). The Pro and LE add a lot of fun toys to the mix. The Turtle Glider acting as a ball diverter is unique, and Krang talking smack is hilarious. The Turtle Van door pops open for a special mutli-ball effect, which is a neat feature, but doesn't really add much to the gameplay. The rule-set to the game is also awesome, and the ability to play cooperatively adds a whole new way to play with friends and family, and can help novice players team up to experience more of the game.

Ok, enough gushing... here are some things I would have liked to see improved. Let me first be clear that none of these items are showstoppers, but kept me from giving it a 10/10. The LE does come with a premium audio system, but the speakers are not illuminated. I thought this would have been a really nice touch. Also, the toys lack paint detailing. The Turtle Glider as an example could really use some additional detailed paint work. I'm planning on doing this myself over time, but it would have been nice to have that extra level of detail added. I also think the animations could have been developed to more closely match the cartoon series animation style. They are rendered in a flat 3D, which is o.k., but it would have scratched the nostalgia itch a bit better if it was closer to the cartoons. This is something that can be improved with code updates over time, so there's still hope. Another thing I noticed was the soundtrack; it was recorded more recently, and is very close, but not exact to the cartoon. That theme song is burned into my primal brain, and I was a bit thrown off as I listened to it more closely that it didn't exactly match the version I remembered. The voice acting is pretty close, and in some cases spot on (Krang especially).

Overall, I think this machine is going to be a pinball staple for years to come. I'm looking forward to experiencing more of the ruleset, and the kids are having a blast with it too. I sprung for the LE, and am very pleased with the result, but would have been very satisfied with the Premium as well. This is a classic in the making!