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2 years ago
Chicago quality was fantastic but the game code and overall play didn't connect with me and was short lived in my lineup.
4 years ago
My rating is with Cleland callouts
4 years ago
Huge Maiden fan, the rules are better than the clunky layout in the sense autolaunch is all over the place hitting the upper left flipper, balls fly out of the ramp wire forms, balls get stuck in odd places, it is a great game just not polished besides the rules IMO. Adjustments work for a bit then rinse and repeat same issue
7 years ago
I rate my Pro at the same level as a Premium because I added the Total Lightshow, Rising Gravemarker, Creeping Death light strips, and spinners. I just disliked the premiums hammer.
7 years ago
Great shots in this one with awesome music and killer flow. This game is my flavor and will some day own one.
7 years ago
Sleeper game that is underrated once you fix the all spark shot by softening its hit. I'm a huge Gomez fan and love his designs speed and flow. Combos are great in this game and its action packed. The rules do occasionally feel like chopping wood and I wish it was a tad easier to reach the wizards.
8 years ago
This game beats on me and I keep coming better!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Fun with the loop shots. Crazy amount of modes and best sound in the business with DCS. My complaint is only with the software. It could've benefited from changes...dead world mod is a must.
9 years ago
Stargate is an A title IMO...My only gripe is the multi balls are too easy to start so they feel less meaning full. The sound is weak compared to Williams at that time and the repititive shoot the pyramid call out bothers some but this pin will be in my collection for a long time as I never tire of it. It is fast and furious. I just love the shots and how the ball gets batted around. In my top 5!
9 years ago
Great flow, too easy to be a keeper with that ugly art package.
9 years ago
The best word to describe this game is EPIC. Everything from the theme to the build up of multiballs to the shot call outs is EPIC. This is my one pin to rule them all.