My dogs name is Wizard.

By bob_e

November 09, 2014

7 years ago

Played a lot of pinball as a teenager during the 1970s. I rode my bike to local arcades before I was driving. Abby Road, in Farmington MI, was the closest to home. The games there were always clean and serviced. I would seek out games at stores, malls, bowling alleys. I even found an arcade at the Eastland mall walking distance from grandmas apartment. With college and working I played pinball about once a month. And with the 2nd gen of solid state games lost their appeal to me.

A few years ago I bought my first pin, OUT OF SITGHT by Gottlieb, off of craigslist. It played dead but it was working. Needing a good cleaning and set of rubber rings. Today I own seven games. My avatar is Outer Space a game I owned for a year. It had over 530,000 plays on it.

Pictured here is Wizard my golden retriever.

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