Bob86ZZ4 pinball story

By Bob86ZZ4

October 04, 2015

4 years ago

I remember being at a resort in Detroit Lakes, MN, and there was a pinball machine in the basement party room. I think I was about 10-12 years old. I remember watching a guy that worked in the kitchen playing the machine while on his break. He was very good and racked up a bunch of free games and then he'd tell me to have fun and he'd go back to work. It would have been in about 1970-72? I have no idea what machine it was. I didn't play much pinball after that because I didn't have much money. Fast forward to about 1994? My kids were about 6 and 4, two boys. I decided to get them a really good Christmas present. I had been stopping at a pinball store called "Summit Amusement" in St. Paul, because I was a police officer and that was my beat. I bought a Gotlieb "Haunted House." We managed to sneak it down the basement on Christmas Eve and surprise the kids. Really liked that machine and got a lot of good play from it. The ball popper to return the ball to the main playfield from the lower (basement?) playfield was problematic. I had found another pinball store in my beat area called "Pinball Plus" run by John Ross. He had won a "Devil's Dare" in a tournament at the "Mall of America." I bought that to go with the "Haunted House" theme. Awhile later I bought a "Black Knight 2000" from Ernie at some amusement store in a Minneapolis suburb (they're out of business and I can't remember the name). I sold the "Devil's Dare" to buy a "Police Force." Then sold the "Haunted House" to buy a "Get Away-High Speed II." Sold the "Police Force" to buy a "Terminator 2-The Judgement Day" (and got a profanity chip for it). I really like the Steve Ritchie games. Later bought a "Star Trek-The Next Generation" and later still bought a "Corvette." So the five current machines I have are "BK2K" "T2" "Get Away" "ST-TNG" and "Corvette." I know, "Corvette" isn't a Steve Ritchie game. But, I had bought a Corvette in 1999 and a few years later decided I better get a Corvette pin. So, there you have it, my pinball history. I don't foresee selling any of my machines. They all fit real nice in my gameroom. They are all pretty good collectable machines and seem to be going up in value (I bought most of them at the low point of their value). I like to play them all. I sure wouldn't mind getting a "Medieval Madness" or "Revenge From Mars" or "Star Wars" (I kind of like the technology of the Pinball 2000 games even though they aren't that popular players). 

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