Growing up with pinball

By Boat

January 04, 2017

5 years ago

I first remember playing pinball as a kid in a movie rental store probably in the early 90s - Addams Family. I remember my brother and I hit multiball almost instantly. I remember thr power of the flippers and how easily they flicked the ball around. A few years later my dad picked up a Night Rider that we played every week. Growing up I would always play the pins at the arcades (that were left) and all of the bars and restaurants. Our airport was a great location so every flight means a trip to the arcade to play. There was something about the combination of the solid sate features; multiball, the speed, the ramps that made me know I always wanted one. Finally picked up my first SS pin in Sept 2016 and I'm enjoying playing and working on the pin. 

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